Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hot hot hot!!!!

Ya!!I guess you guys know what am I going to talk about!
These few days the temperature have been freaking HOT like I am in an oven and cooked!!

look at this TWO pictures!!! The SUN is shining directly into my window yesterday and my room is like an extra large oven cooking me like I am a barbeque's meat or something!!
Well, these few days have been "I don't know what is happening" to me..
This is because " I think" I am in a state of dreaming during the day.
I don't know what happened last few days~
I know that Taylor's had an charity drive that sold a lot of food and products from Gatzby and other facial products, HL drinks, books, and GOSH!!! the ice-cream tastes great!!and the smell of the KEBAB...nice~~~

I have quite a lot of assignment to do still and it is already week 9 into this semester.. Good luck to all of us!! I hope we can make it safely till the end!! Ga yao everyone!!

That's all for today~^^

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