Saturday, October 23, 2010

My sunday..

Since I am done with my most of the assignments, I feel more relief.
But still, somehow, problems in life still comes. We can't run away from that huh?

There is one Korean Drama I want to share with you guys. It is called Playful Kiss or 韩版恶作剧之吻..
It is 16-episode drama of a remake version of the Taiwan's Playful Kiss 恶作剧之吻...
This movie talks about a young girl called Hani who falls in love with genius Bak Sheng Ju who is perfect in everything. Hani gave him a love letter but he returned her the love letter and gave her a D-. Hani moved into a new house with her father but an earthquake destroyed their house and their house only. Their story was all over the Tv and her father's best friend saw it and offer a place for them to stay. But little that she know that it is only the start of her disastrous but happy ending love story. You should look at her face when she found out that she saw Bak Sheng Ju face at the gate..haha

~Here are the cast~

So, if you have nothing to do. Go watch it! It is nice~

Other than that, me and my friends went for a movie last Friday and we watched Life as We Know It.
At first, I thought this movie will be very BORING. I was wrong when I saw a full house at the cinema ( because according to my experience working in the cinema, most comedy won't make it)
It was damn funny!!!I almost laugh my lung out. Even though 2 hours for me is a bit long, but I have no regrets watching it!!
You guys should watch it as well..^^ here is the video of the trailer^^

Actually, before we went to the movie, we had Taiwan food at the Asian Avenue. It was nice. Unfortunately, most of us couldn't finish the fried chicken. But it was nice~~ohhh!!!and the bubble tea..even though it tastes like teh tarik..hehe..but it was nice~

Having a group picture^^
 JS is the camera PERSON..hehe

ok!!That's all for now. I will update my blog when I am free

Oh ya~ CommFest is coming!!Can't wait for it!! Ppl in Taylors, you guys should come^^ There is so many prizes to be won (supporting my seniors ^^)

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