Monday, October 11, 2010

My Lovely Monday

Do you know that feeling when someone wants to leave you?
Well, I suddenly has that feeling last night and I cried over it. 
It is just scary.
I am really scared that he will leave me.
We have been talking more lesser recently, and that was why I worried.
He is very busy, and I do understand and he gets tired at night. How to chat?
But, I saw him today.

He called me around 2 something and said he didn't know how to come in, so I told him how. 
After that, I told him I will wait at the tables with those umbrellas near the fountain.
10 minutes later, he came.
I was very happy seeing him^^
Happy..but it is for a short while only

We went to Baskin Robbins to but the waffle ice-cream.
Jack was with him so 1 for 3^^
It was already 3.20pm and he told me that they have to leave around 3.30 pm so that they won't get caught in a jam.
After finishing the waffle, I told them to better leave to their next destination.
Even though I know that I really don't want him to leave that fast, I still asked him to go.
Because, I know it is important to them.
I know..

Before they leave, I send them to the staircase that connects to the basement parking.
He gave me a kiss^^
but he have to leave........

I miss you..

Lovely Monday..
bitter sweet memories....

CommFest is coming.
it will be held in Taylor's Lakeside Campus

Date: 29 Oct (FRI)
Time: 8am till 3pm

everyone is invited but you have to get the coupons needed and the ticket.
They are a lot of things giving away so don't miss it^^
Here is the link to their blog^^

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