Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday Morning

Finally.. I have some free time to blog after I passed up my assignment at his pigeon hole..
So here I am ..
Sitting in a freezing Starbucks at my College  University writing my blog
Listening to the classical music that was aired by the speakers at every corners of Starbucks
And Smelling the thick aroma of coffee from the counter
A great way to start a Friday morning eh??
It’s a gloomy morning
It is already 9.30 in the morning and there is no sun at all!
I guess the sky is going to “cry” later
I slept around 1am last night because of finishing my Psychology
And I think my other classmates have even a more rough night
I was woke up by my mother early in the morning just to get to college to pass up my assignment and she has to go to the hospital to do some blood test..
I have no choice but to be here early in the morning
And wait…and wait…and wait..haha
Yesterday was my dear dear cute friend Peng peng’s birthday~
And we gave her a To-Fu present..
I hope she really like it..
And also the wishes in the card we gave her..
After that,
We went to Baskin Robbins at our Lakeside Plaza.
It was their opening day and they are giving out FREE Ice- crem
It is FREE!!!
But only for the first 100 customers with the vouchers and wearing pink..
And I was 1 of them (no.30)
SO happy^^
We even get a voucher offering 15% off the next time we come for this ice-cream

And I would like to share a pic with you was a pic that i took the day I went for my driving test

I loove this picture..hehe

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