Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monday again

Boring Monday is back here again after Sunday went for he's 6 day holiday~
Why do you have to leave!!!
Why don't you stay by our side everyday!!!
I don't want Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or even Friday~
I just want you and Saturday!!!

I know...It is useless for me screaming here..*hands on my face*

But I love you, Sunday!!
Why do you have to only come back once a week but not everyday???

*starting to cry*

Okok..stop that drama! I feel like some idiot talking to myself!! Oh wait..I am..
Sorry guys~
I am not myself today..
Probably because.....
I am bored....

I have been wasting my past hour doing something......urm....
Should I say waiting and staring at this computer while drawing some stuffs that....I am not good at??

It is so DAMN boring!!!

I have an interview later at Intellect..
I don't know what is that all about?
I think I prefer to keep myslef quiet..
I am lazy to speak up...feel so sleepy

But how can I do that!!!
I am in a communication course
communication = talk!!!!
I need to TALK!!!!

So.. I guess I will talk...Perhaps?? Maybe????


I spent a whole lot of money!!!

went to eat Korean Food at my campus again
Total = RM 14.80 (Bibimbap and green tea only><)
and then our uni has some Asian Food Carnival.
Food = Eat
But I didn't eat lah~~
I saw Etude House was doing some Promotion
5 pieces of mask for RM 12, BB cream buy 1 free 1, cleansing foam RM 10, lip gloss and eye shadow also RM 5... "clever" brain told me and persuaded
I bought!!!
5 pieces of mask and 1 eye shadow
Total = RM 17

Total for today = RM 14.80 + RM 17
                       = RM 31.80

Congratulations Renvin!! You just spend a quarter of your 2 weeks allowance!!

ok...Thats all for today!!!

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