Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Somehow sometimes

Somehow sometimes...I really feel so miserable..So miserable that I don't know what to do?
I am a think-too-much girl..but I don't know how not to think too much! Teach me how?

You see...I don't know why I act like this and I don't know how to correct it. It makes me feel more miserable!
I feel like a small kid wanting everything her way, which is kinda not good! because I am going to be 19 in...2 months! and almost 2 years into a relationship ..I am still like a 9 year old girl! I need to grow up! GOSH!

You know why I keep saying like this..because I noticed that I rely on him too much...too much until I really scared that one day..he will just get fed up of me and he will just walk see...I think people reading this will say I am thinking too much again!

Before this, I don't mind not seeing matter 2 weeks or 2 months..Now...1 week without seeing him kills me! 1 day without his call makes me feel sad! GOSH!!! What is happening to me! Like if he didn't exist, I will rather don't exist. (Oh no... I think something is wrong! What is going on with me!)

I will get very worried every time he came back late from work! I feel I am overreacting most of the time..Oh so sorry..I always wish that I am not too over...making you call me every time...So sorry...

I need to start to be independent...But how?


  1. This is good doesnt it?
    This is love..
    This is what a couples should have..
    Take it easy.. = )

  2. hehe...thanks for the comment...I feel better ^^