Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what? No way

Have you guys ever experience something glitchy or some Chinese say "sui" things that happened in your life for a few days?

Well, I did!

For 3 days...Since Monday...It is getting worse every single day!

Okay..Fine day..went out with someone...Eat...K..what to eat....I have a freaking toothache here!! Fine...McDonalds! Before that, went to the phone shop first! My phone battery gone nutz since it fell onto the floor on Sunday Night and it couldn't be charged Here is the scenario: During charging: fully charged 100%.  Pull out the wire: 4%...  What the hell is going on with the phone.. But guess what, it became normal during the afternoon...I guess some miracle happened! haha... After that, went SS15 to print my assignment! *sigh* There is border for the PDF my of it is gone! K...fine...

Toothache worsen...could only eat on the other side of the mouth! Went to college 7am in the morning. Because of the confusion of 2 inch instead of 1 inch for the mounting board that we need to cut...I left it aside and wait for 10am when the class start and they say...1 inch or 2 inch is fine...k...Cut 1 inch then...but I screwed up 2...and I don't have enough mounting 2 more...wasted RM3.60..

8am to 2pm non-stop.
During class at 8am! ARGHHHH!!! Al l the computers couldn't read my pendrive!!! All my documents are inside! DARN!!!how? I have passed it to Penny to take it to a computer shop to do a backup..hope the documents are fine!
After that, went to 10am class...then 12pm have a uni computer lab typing my blog...Guess I am going to be slacking here till 5 something then! 5 something..oooohhhh!did't notice it was 3 something right now! But I have 2 more hours to go...GREAT..need to study my PR for the quiz tomorrow! and I haven't start my essay yet and it is due this FRIDAY...really need to sleep!!!!

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