Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not good

I have a feeling that I screw it all up for last friday's role play...I feel so bad...not just for myself...for the other team members in my group..This is because I came up with the idea and the script....really sorry....

and my tooth start to ache and I can feel that my left cheek is swelling up! I don't know which tooth it is....My dad says it is the wisdom tooth coming out...It hurts!!!I can eat....but when I move my cheek hurts.... that I have the motivation to do my assignments, I have to aim high for it! I guess we will be going to Kuala Selangor next week eh? more slacking! Hate pushing myself like a manual car! I need to be an auto car....I think I heard this from a cousin! haha...

3 months has passed since the first day of this year....and many things had happened already.....riots, earthquake, tsunami, SUPERMOON ....and for me...bad dreams

Each of my dreams can become a movie or something! Seriously...It has laughter, sadness, furious.....I can even feel my heartbeat and the pain! is awful...And the worst part is..I know I am dreaming, and I know it will stop at this point (my dream will come to an end before the best part when my alarm rings), but I can't control the story line.
Some people say that your dream may be you in another world, somehow, I believe it...sometimes I don't..Because if it is true, I will be already married to someone...I don't's one of my dreams I dream before long time ago...Also, I will be addicted to alcohol , and I will be in a earthquake zone where I almost lost my dreams will just get weirder and weirder...!!!!!

It makes no difference if you are so tired but you dream when you sleep. Your brain will be active and you won't get any rest at all!!!


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