Saturday, March 5, 2011


Wow..Hot day huh? life without air-cond is just so..miserable eh?

What an unproductive day for me!

Turned on the laptop..check facebook...check messages...finding information about name card for my balloono(nice game) some movie..(not even for 10 minutes) before I decided...So boring! Turn off lah!!!haha

Then I ....*sigh* quarreling again over who is going to feed my dog...

Where was I?
Then I read more than 200 pages of a 309 took me almost 4 hours before I went down for dinner..and that is when the quarreling starts!><

You know what is so annoying about my that my family sometimes can be so annoying that I would rather close my door shut and locked it but unfortunately I can't (it is spoilt), turn on my laptop and indulge in some activities of my own like writing a  blog about my feelings...and my bro just shouted...
GOSH!! How I wished that my room is equipped with security lock which I am the only person who know that password and sound proof walls!!!

Damn it....2 guys fighting over dog....

So.......what should I tell me?

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