Saturday, March 5, 2011

Movie Maniac

Really..I just realized that I am a MOVIE MANIAC! I would rather spend my whole day sitting in front of my laptop watching movies!

But...for I can't do that! I understand that I have assignments that I need to attend to! So...I have to control myself! It's hard you see..But I must control! If not my CGPA and GPA will drop and if I am not able to obtain a scholarship for my degree ( It's still 1 more year from now..but ya...start considering!), I have no else to blame but myself....

Recently watched this movie a few days ago.
It's a James Cameron movie!
I guess most of you know him from Titanic and Avatar!
Well, this movie may be boring for some, it still brings meaning to me!

The title is Sanctum

In this movie, it is all about surviving. Sometimes I felt that Frank, the main character, a cave adventurer and diver, is selfish as he has to kill or to say drown his fellow mate who is wounded badly in order to keep moving to get out of the cave in order to survive as the cave is flooding badly and very fast! However, I guess his decisions are for the best as he knows that his friend won't be able to survive under these conditions. Rather than have him suffer the pain, he chose to end it for him...
However, it is not a happy ending as only one managed to survive...Others all died....some committed suicide...It's sad but it's inspiring! I kinda like this movie! I almost cried at the ending!..haha...sorry for that emotional statement!

I recommend you guys to watch this! As I surf the net for some extra information about this movie..I found out that this movie was actually inspired by a true story too, well, sorta! The link here

Thanks for READING~~

Here is a song to share! Talking to the moon by BRUNO MARS! Love him!

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