Monday, March 7, 2011

I really don't understand

My mood has been bad lately...maybe because of the headache I am having right now..

I really don't understand! Is is really important that you need to be around when they are here? Is like.. my mom and dad is more important that you, and just think about yourself being around at that time or not!

I get it!
You want to play with your nieces and nephews! Fine..but pls be considerate with others! Especially your mum! She is working for goodness sake! and she already has scolding from her boss for taking leaves!

Actually, is kinda not okay for me if you go to someone's house and the host is not around...i am not blaming those who are coming..I am blaming you! Is not your decision to make like..oh I want to bring them here..oh I want to bring them there! It's just not your call! I are just a can't have no money... Get it???

Hate you for being the boss!
You won't even let me talk even though I am older than you!
Fine...Since my dad is around...I let you go!!!!!!!

Sorry for my mood here... *sigh*

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