Monday, November 29, 2010



My laptop is back on track and I can start to blog during my holidays...It suck without my laptop in a way...
But it actually give me time to read books...BURNED (its the latest series of the House of Night book series,the latest latest one- AWAKENED is not published yet)

my Sem Break started a few days ago...
It has been tiring since I fell sick after my FINAL EXAM

Me, Penny, Jia Leng and dear ALIEN Peng Peng went to watch a movie..
Guess which movie????

Answer: RAPUNZEL, A Tangled Tale

It was nice!
Full of laughter, romance, well, mostly LAUGHTER..
Its rated 'U'..Its mostly for KIDS!!!
haha..even though WE have already passed that line

If you have not see the trailer, HERE it is!!!

If you are a fan of laughter, you guys will love it!
Especially when you watch the Palace horse called MAXIMUS and Rapunzel's Pet, Pascal. They are just so damn cute!!!!

After the movie, we went to have pizza at Pizza Hut. I was just so hungry, probably because I just recover from my fever. In the end, I can't remember how many pieces of pizza I ate but I know I ate and drink the most.

Here are some pictures to share (took from Jia leng's facebook page)

Actually we didn't leave after we pay that bill. We just continue chatting there. Luckily there were empty tables and the amount of customers is not big..So we chat..until around 3 something and Penng said when go home already..and we parted too and we went home using our separated ways. Me and Leng Leng went to the KTM station together but our trains are moving different directions.

I have to say one thing about KTM...
It is so...erm....packed during some hours and depending which way you are going

I had headache the whole day because of that KTM

Morning, me and Penny went to Midvalley using KTM..when we enter..we were squeezing and the coach was mostly men!!!!Oh gosh, I told Penny to be careful because behind her and next to her are all men... and finally we reached KL sentral safely...
When I got home, actually it was better because it is around 4 something and mostly people are still in their office..
But it is very slow...
I have no choice but to sit KTM sometimes.. What to choose? I just hope that one day they will improve their technology and system so that it will be more comfortable and faster...Don't want to feel like I am in a tuna fish can AGAIN!!!
This is a picture I took at the KTM station on my way back. Midvalley station..I know the quality is not that good...Phone camera mah!!haha

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