Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Mom: *shouting*Break Break Break!!!!! You didn't see got car coming meh!!!!!
Renvin: Of course I know!! You don't have to shout and scream at me right????!!!!

That's how I start my morning today.
A scream and shout from my mother in the car
I just want a peaceful morning after last night..
After quarreling with my mom,
my tears drop again..

I reached college at around 7am and smsed Jia Leng..

Me: 你到了吗? 我先上去咯!
Her: Hmm!! I'll go find you in class

I walk as slow as I can...
Walking to Block D with a packet of cold chocolate milk in my hand,
I pressed the Up arrow of the lift lazily and waited the lift to come down to pick me up.

Lift : 7th floor~
 I walked out from the lift and all I can see is doors closed with no lights inside the classrooms
"Great! The security guard has not unlock the doors yet!"
I wanted to sit at the staircase next to the lift but another guy was sitting there..
and the wind was cold and nice...

I walked to the railings at the end of the classroom there and sat down on the cement floor...
The wind was cold but nice..especially during the morning...
I stare across the lake..
I started to think
What is feel like to jump into the lake from 7th floor??
How deep is the lake??
Don't worry..
I don't have thoughts of committing suicide..

I turned around and saw Penny behind me..
she came and sat down..
then Jia leng came also...

The security guard came not long after that
and we went into the class and start doing our webpage design

It took me 2 hours to just edit 1 background for my home page..
while listening to the lecturer talking about the streaming thingy.. Public Relations (yesterday), Journalism, Broadcasting and Advertising.

And then we went for this media law class.
Same old thing every Tuesday ... Answering questions
I was the first to be called up to answer the question and he gave me and my friends all 10/10..
and we were the first group to get an early break
one happy thing for today

Then we went to eat Korean food again
Wah...second time this week..
when want to pay money..
shit...not enough..only left RM 2 in my purse..
I thought still got RM 50 a!!!
no more money ad!!!

then we went back to Digital Graphics class again and start doing our assignment
everyone is going crazy because of this Dreamweaver
So tired after that..
I went back home and slept for 3 hours ++


  1. yerr...u still sleep.... >< hahaha. i din sleep leh....
    anyway gambateh larh~!! ^^
    be happy k~

  2. So tired...mah sleep loh..haha...i will be happy..thx^^