Sunday, November 14, 2010

Die or cry?

nope...I won't die or cry if my results come out like ...who knows what? haha..

I will just regret that I didn't study hard enough for this semester because I was chasing drama series, playing games everyday.

I say those above because starting today, it is my 1 week study leave, means gotta study at home!!!

However, I will not waste but spend my time in Taylor's this Thursday for my Final Presentation. 40% i can't screw it up! I don't want to fail miserably and repeat this subject! is a waste to fail this subject! and it is a waste of my parents money.

Today, as of 2.30pm, I already finished sorting out my speech for that presentation and also practiced more than twice...3 times... I hope it really do work that day!!!

ever wondered doing things that you know you will regret but end up doing it?? Yes, I do.. I am not going to say what is it? Don't ask me if you are curious, because I am not going to answer. I sometimes hate myself for that reason. I feel that this is not the person I want myself to be. I rather myself being so stupid and naive...but I can't...I hate myself for being this way..not naive...not stupid...

It seems that I still need time. I don't know what is holding me back from accepting all these things..

OKay... SKip that subject..

Blogging seems like a second thing to me now...Last time was Nothing more.. I stopped..Parents questioned me why don't I continue... You want the truth?? I love music..but I give up.. I am not that talented as those people..ya...That's it..I don't want to waste your money...I rather use it in somewhere else...

Money..Everything needs money...damn...I really do need eat...*sigh*

Guess what is my favorite food now?? Korean food..haha... Thanks to Leng Leng for introducing me the Korean Food. I like it very much!!! We do have 1 restaurant in Taylors Lakeside Campus.. the interior looks something like this..I love their design but the shop is a bit small to me...a bit packed... but I love the food...
This picture was taken like a month ago when we first went in to eat..haha

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