Saturday, November 13, 2010

Planet Radia Malaysia by Commercial Radio Malaysia

Today, I went for a talk at my University about Planet Radio Malaysia in Lecture Theater 1..It was awesome in a sense that we get to meet with a lot of people working in the radio industry and I learnt a lot from their speeches and their experiences.

It was also great to see students from 13 other colleges/ uni come together for this talk (total is 14 after adding Taylors).

Okay...I confessed that I am kiasu!! why?
Because even though I know where is the venue (of course, it is my uni after all), I am already there by 8am and when I reached, the crews were still doing their prep! But, my dear friend Jia Leng is already there, earlier than me.... and the event wont start until 10 am...
I am damn I huh?

haha.Anyway, we were the first to get ourselves registered. Yup, first to get our names ticked. When we were registering ourselves with the crew at the table, one of the crew members told us if we would like to have a tour in any of these stations, and I was like "AWESOME!!!!!". and my eyes scan through the papers on the table but only stuck onto!!!! damn I love the morning crew!!and the songs played on air...haha..Me and Peng Peng were so happy!!!haha...

SO we waited a while before we enter the lecture theater hall..Actually the size was similar to the one where we had the public speaking competition at LT2 2 months earlier I think..So ...I thought it was going to be a full house where there is not even enough seats(That was what they wrote)..too bad that I was a bit disappointed when I saw empty seats..=(hmm...
And we chatted..and waited.....and let the time pass....

Pictures we took from where we sat in the lecture theater while waiting...

The Name Tag that was given to us upon registering and the emcee (guy) is Hafiz..If I remembered correctly..haha

As I said...we waited and waited...and they keep playing songs...eehem...from Justin offence to their fans but...I don't find the songs....ehemm...nice...

and the event finally started! Our uni Deputy Vice Chancellor, Mr Pradeep Nair gave his speech. One sentence that I can't forget is he said he would never tell his son about who was here this morning, or else his son will kill him (Ean and Phat Fabes were in the house).

and then the speech from Dato' Borhanuddin Osman, President of Commercial Radio Malaysia.

After that, is those Radio Announcers of course!!! Jeremy from Redfm, Phat Fabes from Flyfm and of course Ean from!!! Oh gosh..haha...We kept laughing!! Those guys are hilarious!They talk about those experience when there are on air and even off air, their past on their studies( Phat Fabes got a law degree and Jeremy got a psychology degree).. Odd huh? But they say, what you study is not important, the most important is your passion and interest.

and then there are also talk given by the Network Content Manager and people from the different areas in Radio Industry. The General Manager of Brands and Promotion also gave a short talk about Branding and Radio Promotions.
I did learnt a lot from these people. What these people say are totally true in the sense that, what we do, we must have the passion and Phat Fabes said, if we don't strive for No.1, we won't make it.

Yup! It is totally TRUE!!!

We managed to grab some pictures with the Radio Announcers today. But, Jeremy left Phat Fabes and Ean lah~~haha
Here are the pictures!!


We also took a group picture with the VIPs before the event ended and we went to the cafeteria to enjoy free food from TEMPTATIONS..YEY~~~haha

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