Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what? No way

Have you guys ever experience something glitchy or some Chinese say "sui" things that happened in your life for a few days?

Well, I did!

For 3 days...Since Monday...It is getting worse every single day!

Okay..Fine day..went out with someone...Eat...K..what to eat....I have a freaking toothache here!! Fine...McDonalds! Before that, went to the phone shop first! My phone battery gone nutz since it fell onto the floor on Sunday Night and it couldn't be charged Here is the scenario: During charging: fully charged 100%.  Pull out the wire: 4%...  What the hell is going on with the phone.. But guess what, it became normal during the afternoon...I guess some miracle happened! haha... After that, went SS15 to print my assignment! *sigh* There is border for the PDF my of it is gone! K...fine...

Toothache worsen...could only eat on the other side of the mouth! Went to college 7am in the morning. Because of the confusion of 2 inch instead of 1 inch for the mounting board that we need to cut...I left it aside and wait for 10am when the class start and they say...1 inch or 2 inch is fine...k...Cut 1 inch then...but I screwed up 2...and I don't have enough mounting 2 more...wasted RM3.60..

8am to 2pm non-stop.
During class at 8am! ARGHHHH!!! Al l the computers couldn't read my pendrive!!! All my documents are inside! DARN!!!how? I have passed it to Penny to take it to a computer shop to do a backup..hope the documents are fine!
After that, went to 10am class...then 12pm have a uni computer lab typing my blog...Guess I am going to be slacking here till 5 something then! 5 something..oooohhhh!did't notice it was 3 something right now! But I have 2 more hours to go...GREAT..need to study my PR for the quiz tomorrow! and I haven't start my essay yet and it is due this FRIDAY...really need to sleep!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not good

I have a feeling that I screw it all up for last friday's role play...I feel so bad...not just for myself...for the other team members in my group..This is because I came up with the idea and the script....really sorry....

and my tooth start to ache and I can feel that my left cheek is swelling up! I don't know which tooth it is....My dad says it is the wisdom tooth coming out...It hurts!!!I can eat....but when I move my cheek hurts.... that I have the motivation to do my assignments, I have to aim high for it! I guess we will be going to Kuala Selangor next week eh? more slacking! Hate pushing myself like a manual car! I need to be an auto car....I think I heard this from a cousin! haha...

3 months has passed since the first day of this year....and many things had happened already.....riots, earthquake, tsunami, SUPERMOON ....and for me...bad dreams

Each of my dreams can become a movie or something! Seriously...It has laughter, sadness, furious.....I can even feel my heartbeat and the pain! is awful...And the worst part is..I know I am dreaming, and I know it will stop at this point (my dream will come to an end before the best part when my alarm rings), but I can't control the story line.
Some people say that your dream may be you in another world, somehow, I believe it...sometimes I don't..Because if it is true, I will be already married to someone...I don't's one of my dreams I dream before long time ago...Also, I will be addicted to alcohol , and I will be in a earthquake zone where I almost lost my dreams will just get weirder and weirder...!!!!!

It makes no difference if you are so tired but you dream when you sleep. Your brain will be active and you won't get any rest at all!!!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Monday, March 14, 2011

Will 2012 be the end of the world?

Being so tired lately going out doing assignments and only coming back late at night!
Hearing the earthquake and tsunami that happened few days ago really struck something within me...
Will 2012 be the end of the world?

I....really HOPE NOT!!!!!

I can't even imagine it! Can you?

It's so scary......and having the thought that you wouldn't be able to get married...Have kids....( I am just 19)..2012 is just too soon....

okay...I think too much!!!

SO just let us hope that we will be fine after 2012...Let's the earth too!!!!

But for now!

Pray for Japan. and let's help them in any way we could...

Monday, March 7, 2011

I really don't understand

My mood has been bad lately...maybe because of the headache I am having right now..

I really don't understand! Is is really important that you need to be around when they are here? Is like.. my mom and dad is more important that you, and just think about yourself being around at that time or not!

I get it!
You want to play with your nieces and nephews! Fine..but pls be considerate with others! Especially your mum! She is working for goodness sake! and she already has scolding from her boss for taking leaves!

Actually, is kinda not okay for me if you go to someone's house and the host is not around...i am not blaming those who are coming..I am blaming you! Is not your decision to make like..oh I want to bring them here..oh I want to bring them there! It's just not your call! I are just a can't have no money... Get it???

Hate you for being the boss!
You won't even let me talk even though I am older than you!
Fine...Since my dad is around...I let you go!!!!!!!

Sorry for my mood here... *sigh*

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Movie Maniac

Really..I just realized that I am a MOVIE MANIAC! I would rather spend my whole day sitting in front of my laptop watching movies!

But...for I can't do that! I understand that I have assignments that I need to attend to! So...I have to control myself! It's hard you see..But I must control! If not my CGPA and GPA will drop and if I am not able to obtain a scholarship for my degree ( It's still 1 more year from now..but ya...start considering!), I have no else to blame but myself....

Recently watched this movie a few days ago.
It's a James Cameron movie!
I guess most of you know him from Titanic and Avatar!
Well, this movie may be boring for some, it still brings meaning to me!

The title is Sanctum

In this movie, it is all about surviving. Sometimes I felt that Frank, the main character, a cave adventurer and diver, is selfish as he has to kill or to say drown his fellow mate who is wounded badly in order to keep moving to get out of the cave in order to survive as the cave is flooding badly and very fast! However, I guess his decisions are for the best as he knows that his friend won't be able to survive under these conditions. Rather than have him suffer the pain, he chose to end it for him...
However, it is not a happy ending as only one managed to survive...Others all died....some committed suicide...It's sad but it's inspiring! I kinda like this movie! I almost cried at the ending!..haha...sorry for that emotional statement!

I recommend you guys to watch this! As I surf the net for some extra information about this movie..I found out that this movie was actually inspired by a true story too, well, sorta! The link here

Thanks for READING~~

Here is a song to share! Talking to the moon by BRUNO MARS! Love him!


Wow..Hot day huh? life without air-cond is just so..miserable eh?

What an unproductive day for me!

Turned on the laptop..check facebook...check messages...finding information about name card for my balloono(nice game) some movie..(not even for 10 minutes) before I decided...So boring! Turn off lah!!!haha

Then I ....*sigh* quarreling again over who is going to feed my dog...

Where was I?
Then I read more than 200 pages of a 309 took me almost 4 hours before I went down for dinner..and that is when the quarreling starts!><

You know what is so annoying about my that my family sometimes can be so annoying that I would rather close my door shut and locked it but unfortunately I can't (it is spoilt), turn on my laptop and indulge in some activities of my own like writing a  blog about my feelings...and my bro just shouted...
GOSH!! How I wished that my room is equipped with security lock which I am the only person who know that password and sound proof walls!!!

Damn it....2 guys fighting over dog....

So.......what should I tell me?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My cousin's wedding

My cousin got married last Saturday! Here are some pictures.. Sorry for some of the low qualities.

Somehow sometimes

Somehow sometimes...I really feel so miserable..So miserable that I don't know what to do?
I am a think-too-much girl..but I don't know how not to think too much! Teach me how?

You see...I don't know why I act like this and I don't know how to correct it. It makes me feel more miserable!
I feel like a small kid wanting everything her way, which is kinda not good! because I am going to be 19 in...2 months! and almost 2 years into a relationship ..I am still like a 9 year old girl! I need to grow up! GOSH!

You know why I keep saying like this..because I noticed that I rely on him too much...too much until I really scared that one day..he will just get fed up of me and he will just walk see...I think people reading this will say I am thinking too much again!

Before this, I don't mind not seeing matter 2 weeks or 2 months..Now...1 week without seeing him kills me! 1 day without his call makes me feel sad! GOSH!!! What is happening to me! Like if he didn't exist, I will rather don't exist. (Oh no... I think something is wrong! What is going on with me!)

I will get very worried every time he came back late from work! I feel I am overreacting most of the time..Oh so sorry..I always wish that I am not too over...making you call me every time...So sorry...

I need to start to be independent...But how?