Friday, August 27, 2010


Finally, I have some time to write my blog..haha..okok...
I really need to make this blog really short.
These few days is kinda rough for everyone because.....everyone is falling sick...for me? I am sick too and having some problems in my love life.
I kinda lost right now....I don't know what is love all about anymore....someone tell me how???

Skip that part for now ~
I feel quite excited at the same time because the commercial block in Taylors finally has some shops opening...
Subway has already opened!!
But..too bad I don't have the chance to eat it yet><
It's packed with people everyday!!!

Wong Kok Restaurant and Starbucks will be next on the line^^

I also heard there will be Baskin Robbins, I love yooo, and others. I also heard A cut Above is opening, I am just curious on what will happen if that shop really opens. The cost of cutting your hair there is so expensive!!!
I wonder how students can afford it.

That's all for now!

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