Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Early in the morning

My new sem has been a new journey..

Meeting new people and lecturers and also new subjects!!

Most of our lectures are combined with other classes such as
Group 1 ( January intake)
Sem 3 and
Sem 4

Its a whole new experience for me ....AGAIN~

The july intake students are in..

So there are more people than usual

I remembered before I had my sem break(during exam week)

You can hardly see a shadow around the campus..just a few people and that's it!

It was so quiet and relaxing!

I don't know whether its a good thing or a bad thing??hmmm.....

This week,
it's only lectures and no tutorial so my classes starts at 8 am but next week...8am everyday~

But there is no diff to me because I reach this campus around 6.50 am!
Thanks to my mum la~haha...

I came through a blog wrote by a taylor student http://tuc-student.blogspot.com/

She updated us about the things going on in our campus..
To my friends in Taylors: you should read it!!

I saw one of her post and I am excited..not too much, but just excited!

She said that once the commercial block is ready, we will have Baskin Robbins, bread story, I love yoo, Wong Kok restaurant, EMO bookstore, Subway...

I was like...wahhhhh...haha

But their things are still expensive and not in my budget still.. My pocket money is only RM 50 for 2 weeks..

How la~~~

so I guess..I will have to start saving money from now then^^

Here is a music video I want to share with you all!

Its We'll be a dream by We the Kings ft Demi Lovato


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