Friday, August 6, 2010

Bad Luck and kids nowadays

Me and my friends are having bad luck recently

Do you have the same problem too???If not, then you are lucky!!

Like what my friend jia leng said, like someone is putting a curse on us!!
Penny's bad luck ( grouping problem) has been solved, me???
after 36 hours since I made a call to DIGI about the line prob at my house!! They have not fixed it yet><

The second problem is my bro took my lappy without my permission to school!!!so RUDE!!!! We said no and he still do it!!!! does his brain got problem or which part of NO that he doesn't understand><

Kids nowadays~ they don't know how to RESPECT the elders!!!!!
I don't know what they fill their brains with...bad games...violence???I dunno!!!
but they certainly ( not all but some ) don't know HOW TO THINK!!!!

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