Tuesday, August 3, 2010



to someone is everything

to someone is hurting

to someone is happiness

to someone is just part of life

to me is all of it

I know at my age LOVE is not important because at my age

EDUCATION comes first no matter what!!

I think this applies to the others of my age and below

Maybe its what today's society thinks ( parents)

We are more materialistic these days

and they want us to live a better life and therefore they want us concentrate more on studies

Not to say LOVE is all that bad

But if you do it the right way, they won't affect your studies and sometimes, it makes you improve..
Funny eh?
people call it the POWER OF LOVE~~~

My love story ain't that perfect

Sometimes, LOVE makes you cry more than usual,
your mood is influenced by him/ her

No matter what him/ her said
you care!

I remember crying every night because feeling hurt because of him

Thats the effect of being too in love

But LOVE is something you have to control

I know its hard

But sometimes, we can't do things that may destroy you , him and yours and his family reputation in the society

its just not right

I know that we are in a modern society,
but I mean under aged ppl, especially students

Hormones....Cute guys...

Girls are the victims in the end...

Before we do something..
Think of the future..

the effects too...



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