Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mid-term break

I don't know how to explain my feelings towards this mid-term break.
It's not happy, sad, bored, exciting or what so ever...There is NO feeling??
How can it be?!!!!
Last week, I cut my hair short. Actualy, I didn't want it that short but just to cut off those unhealthy hair. In the end, I still cut it short because I don't want my mum to give me the " You paid that much and you cut that little? " lecture >< It will be horrifying~



I am so....devastated ....

But at hair looks neater?? Right????


Penny , Jia Leng, Peng peng and I went to Midvalley to watch movie and do some shopping^^
We watched Cats and Dogs: the revenge of kitty galore.
It was very very funny ^^haha
At the beginning of the movie, they showed us a short cartoon clip of a wolf trying to eat the bird or ostrich? I dunno? 
I was starting to think? Are we in the right cinema????I thought we entered the wrong one... ==lll
Luckily, it was correct.
The movie we were watching was produced by WARNERS BROTHERS COMPANY and they are always famous for their funny cartoon..hehehe

these few days...I have been chasing a series called THE VAMPIRE DIARIES...
And only 1 word that can describe it!!----- THRILLING~~~
I managed to watch the whole 1st season....And now....I am waiting for the 2nd season...Katherine is BACK~~~hahahaha..You have to watch if you wanna know who is Katherine...^^

So off I GO for now~

good night PEEPS~

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