Sunday, August 1, 2010

hand of mine and yours

A hand can do a lot of things..
and I mean everything

You can help a person to stand up from a fall

You can help your parents to do the house chores

You can help the poor by using it to hand over the things they need

and of course

You can hold the hand of the person you love~

Today me and my friends had a meeting with the volunteers for our 30-hour Famine DIY camp

We had a meeting the whole morning..

and after the meeting

Me and my friends go through a stack of booklets trying to find the booklet numbers for the details form that are not noted

Think of it

Going through the 337 booklets again and again just trying to find a few names


But in the end

Its worth everything

Because when the day comes, the event 

if it comes out successful

You helped many of the poor people already 

I mean not just by finding the names

But participating in this event

No matter how or what

Everything is worth it

The sweat, the tiredness the money the sacrifice

and what we did is

You and Me 

We gave our helping hand!!!

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