Saturday, May 1, 2010

After my first week there.

My first week in Taylor's lakeside ended the day before yesterday(Friday) and overall I am already quite familiar with the place.( It's only the overall and I hope I won't get lost!)
Let me introduce some of the places:

This is the entrance where most of the students walk in.
The left is the Student Central where on the right hand side is the multipurpose hall where they hold major events like the OPEN DAY.
Well, this is the 2nd floor of the building so below it we have the Student administrative office,  and also the Student Life Centre where student can play some games there such as Snooker, Ping pong ball and relax themselves.
And below one more floor is the food court.
Sorry..but I find myself hard to eat there.. The food is a bit too expensive and not that nice la! So sorry but this is my opinion.
This is a picture that I took on Friday morning ( beautiful??) .
It's the lake of  Taylor's and next to eat  it was a few blocks that consists of classrooms, lecture theaters and restaurants such as Tangerine, Truffles, Crispy Popiah, Norwegian Sandwich and many more.

This building is still under construction. If not mistaken, it is where the hostel, hotel , swimming pool, gym and the shops will be and it will be ready by July. I hope the time flies faster so that the shops will open and we have more varieties and we won't have to suffer in the food court right now ( hot air and expensive sorry!!)

This 'Gigantic' building here..Guess what is it??
The first time I came..(before this week or last week)I didn't know this was a library till the seniors who showed me around told me so.
It has 4 floors. I can't believe it!! So big!!
But when you get used to it, it wasn't that big after all.
The computers in the library is definitely not enough and you have to go to Block C level 7 where they have more than 10 labs for you to use when there is no class using it.

Well, the jam going to Taylor's Lakeside College have been worsen since Monday and I have to wake up early , 6am and I have to leave the house before 6.40am . If not, I am really going to be late for class.
Look at the color! Its still dark when I am already on the Kesas Highway to college and there is already many cars on the road.
I am so sleepy still but I have no choice. To avoid all jams and not to be late for class, I must go early!!
( Just hope I won't fall asleep in class!)

Recently, seems like most of us are falling sick because of some reasons such as stress, the weather or eating habit. John has been absent for 2 days because he had diarrhea ( I think he ate something wrong..but Thank goodness he managed to come on Friday!!)
Penny had fever on Friday. This is the first time ever she is absent from class and I hope she will be fine.
The weather is also another culprit these days. It may be very hot in the afternoon and then suddenly in the evening around 4pm to 7pm, heavy rain will pour down from the sky and at night, it will get pretty cold.
No wonder people get sick easily.


Take care guys! Drink more water and get more sleep!!I know that everyone is busy with their assignments (even me)but don't forget to give yourself a break! Other than that, be careful when you eat outside as outside food is not always clean.^^
Good luck and take care everyone! Love you guys! ♥

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