Monday, May 10, 2010

It is good for you even though you HATE it!!!

The sun is shining at you..Damn!!It is hot!!
Sweat is dripping down from your forehead...
(tissue please~~)
Left a few more rounds and I am done.
Come on girl!
Keep it up!!You can do it!!!

That was what I always said to myself when I was asked by my seniors to run 15-20 rounds around a block in my secondary school during a physical session no matter during normal activities or camps. I was not good in sports before I was trained like this to increase my stamina and I could hardly make it. But, I pushed myself because I don't want to be the weakest among the strong ones.

I guess...I am not one of the great Sport fans like the others in class. I don't like football at all!!!!!( offense)
However, I do like some of the other sports such as badminton, basketball, figure skating and.....volleyball!!but still..not football.I wonder why??
Well, one of the reasons I like basketball is..maybe my mother was once a basketball school player but the real reason is my secondary school used to be the organizer for state or district basketball competition and watching them playing (with good skills) is quite fun ( especially when you are cheering for your own school and you will be extremely happy when the school wins!!).

Well, I like figure skating because it is so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

I think it is so graceful and nice to watch especially when there is two people performing it together.It will be perfect. And when there is a slow and romantic song that is playing when both of them are skating, it felt like a fairy tale. ( okay..that was quite indulging)


Actually, sports is good for you!! It burns fat, it excretes wastes(urea/sweat). Kids nowadays, don't like to exercise. They are lazy, scared of tiredness and they don't want to me 'black'.
I understand. After all those years ( well, 3 years) standing under the hot sun marching every Saturday, I also have the fear of getting more darker. So, if you have those kind of fear, there is one way. If you like jogging and your place is quite safe, do jog before the sun comes out. If not, just go to the gym and jog on that machine. It help a lot by just jogging or running, it is a sport to.

 I have a few friends who really excelled in sports and I have one of them who really made it to the Bukit Jalil sports school but due to injuries in her back, she had to come back to our school. It was sad because she is talented but fate is not always what we wanted. Despite her injury, she did continue to excel in sports, especially in high jump. She always get among the top because her body is flexible ( she used to play gymnastics).

I guess, to really excel in sports, we need to be really strong. Not just physically but mentally also because you need to have a strong mind to overcome challenges, where sometimes it can really bring you down.
Our nation's also have some great stars in sports and I guess most of us know it, Datuk Nicol David of squash, Datuk Lee Chong Wei of badminton and many more. They really sacrifice a lot to be one of the best in the world. It is not easy, I mean nothing is easy, especially when you are doing something really BIG!!!!

There is nothing bad about sports. It is always good for you even though you hate it!! Sadly, it is TRUE~
But please remember that, when you are playing them, you have to be careful. If not, you may get hurt!

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