Friday, May 7, 2010

Everybody likes it!!

Do you like it?
I am sure you like it. Most of the people do like it.
If you don't like it, then there is something wrong with you.
because...It's kind of everything.
Can you just imagine living a life without that?
It plays a great role in our lives and most people just can't live without it!
Can u guess what am I going to say??
I think you guys know because it's the sports and music week.
So, guess what??
I am going to talk about music...hahaha..(okay..not funny = =lll)

Everyone likes it!!
Well, if you don't agree..Then,
Give me a name of a person who doesn't like music!
Hard right??

When you go to school (secondary and primary) every Monday, we sing songs ( national anthem......) each time we are during assembly time.
When you sit in the car, normally the first thing you do( after turning on the engine, air conditioner, and wearing your sit belt) is turning on the radio to listen to songs which is also music!
When you play any instrument, it's music.
When we dance, we need music too.
When you sing any tune, it's music.
Even the cricket sings! It's definitely music!!

So music has many genres....
We have...
Classical, contemporary, romantic, R&B, blues, rock and roll, country music and many more.

We need music in our lives.
If not, our lives will be a boring one.
Imagine that, no sound...nothing...
our lives sure will become meaningless!

Music is not just all about entertainment.
It's good for your brain too^^
Many parents nowadays are sending their kids to learn music, especially piano. Why???
( I am one of them too)
It can increase your brain power and memory(from my experience) because it requires you to concentrate a lot when you are using to hand to play different things at the same time.
It's a good thing you know, when it comes to studies^^

I am great fan of Jay Chou ( Taiwanese singer, actor, pianist, director, anything lah~).
Actualy I wasn't a great fan of him until I saw his piano skills.
It was....I can't describe it....unbelievable?
I mean, I can't play that fast.
I am not a professional piano player like him but he is talented.
He can take a classical song, and recomposed it to suit the condition he needed.
For example, this one was took from his first directed movie ' Secret' where there is a song, Chopin Waltz (second song) in the piano battle that he mixed a bit with the speed.

Source: Youtube,

And there is another where he and Nan Quan Ma Ma, Yu hao performed a piano duet during the Golden Music Awards.
It was not easy to perform a piano duet especially when you have to work with the orchestra and band. Their hands was so fast and strong and he kinda look like "this is gonna be easy". He will just sit there and relax.
The most favorite part of this performance is when they played the Mario song from the Super Mario game. I always find that song very cute^^

Source: Youtube,

I hope you guys like it^^

Other than that, I must say that I am a great fan of any music that sounds nice.

And this is one of it!
21 guns by Green day , sang also by the cast of American idiots.

Source: Youtube,

It's nice so I guess you guys will like it^^

That's it for today^^
May the music bring us to another beautiful place in our dream~~

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