Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 more days and I am doomed!

so..I have 3 more days to study and I have only touched the chapter 3 of Mass Communication ( not all) just until the censorship part which means I still have a lot of things to cover, not to mention other subjects.

I am not sure what to write in this blog, especially when this is my last blog for this assignment.

I am just gonna pour it all out, I guess^^
Normally when exam comes, students will tend to burn the midnight oil and will not sleep till early in the morning, around 2am to 3am. Well, I have some friends who do that. But me, even if I don't study, I still make sure I won't sleep that late because it is not good for you if you sleep late.


Mid-semester exam to me, is quite important. It still carries some percentage in this semester course. If I want to get a good marks for it, I shouldn't under estimate it as even 1% would help us to score, which means every mark is important to us~

My mum used to nag me if I don't do well in my exams. So, if I don't do well in my mid-semester exam, she will start to nag and say: "Why have you not been studying? Do you know how important for you to score? Your dad is a retiree! ............." and the nagging will just continue.

Is not that I don't agree(I do agree).As normal teenagers would say " I hate being nag by my parents". But, it is all for our own good.

So, if you don't want to get nagging from your lovely parents, please don't let them feel disappointed. Same goes to me in my mid-semester exams.

And the most important during exam is..........I think we all know it ( if you are thinking about results, NO you are wrong) it is your health. No one wants to get sick during exam. It is a disaster!!!!!!!!!

I found a blog and it can be useful to all of us, especially me and my friends who are going to sit for exam next week.Press this link here: and you can go and read this blog. It is about cooling or heaty food and it is quite interesting. Other than that, I never knew that ice cube is a heaty food ( can't believe right? Me too.) 

In this person's blog, he classified the food into 3 categories, which is cool food, neutral food and heaty(hot food). I think it is essential for us to know it as it can affect our body even though we always don't bother it. For example, we like to eat fried stuffs because it is appetizing but in the end, we may get a soar throat that may lead to other sickness such as fever, which is bad during exams!!!

Papaya is a type of neutral food


Ginger is a type of heaty ( hot) food


Strawberry is a type of cool food


So guys, please take care of yourself for the next whole week and don't fall sick. Tell your body this: Dear fever, flu or whatever sickness, please don't come and disturb me next week! I am unavailable. If you want to find me, please come after 21 May 2010.
And we will just hope it doesn't come .( Sometime it does work^^)

I wish good luck to all my friends!!All the best^^
Here is a lucky star for all of you guys~>>

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