Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's coming !!!!!!!!

Next week!!
Oh my gosh~~
I have not prepared yet.
I have only just started to revise my fundamental of management.
But the first paper is mass communication, which is next Monday!!
What I should do???
I am getting very nervous but I still don't seemed to be bothered about it.

Maybe my mood into studying is not there yet.
(scratching my head)
I don't know.
I guess everyone will be busy finishing their assignment before they start studying their subjects.
Introduction into Information Technology's assignment is due tomorrow, Thursday and Creative Communication and Portfolio Development, which is what I am doing now is due on Friday.
Luckily, the IT one is done and just left this which this blog will be my second last one.
After that, I can finally put all my mind into the mid-semester exam.

I still have group assignment!!
All this aren't going to end..aren't they??
Everything is going very fast right now..
Exam is next week.
I really can't believe it.
Time really don't wait for you.
It flies.
If only there is a time machine.
I wish there is^^

Mid-semester exam is not all that bad.
Our lecturers gave us quite a lot of tip already and I bet it will help all of us in this class a lot!!
After all, exam is all about testing how much you know about the subject and how much you understand and it is not all about memorizing. I still remember when we were in secondary school, we used to memorize a lot, especially history and even after the SPM, it is still in my head and now, it is slowly fading away because I don't need all those information, it is useless to me ( not all lah..some is still usable).

Well, I actually have not start studying yet. I mean seriously studying ( I was just flipping the pages)
It is because...hmmm..
of course..lazy..= =lll
This was everybody excuse when they don't feel like studying.
I can admit, I am a lazy person but I will make myself studying by telling myself, " If you don't get your butt on that chair and start studying, you are screwed!!!!"
After that, I will just start studying.haha..

But, I have certain ways of studying. Last time, if you on the radio, I can study but now, it will be hard because I will get distract easily and I will start singing madly if my favorite songs are being aired. So now, no songs or any sound, just peace^^
And then , I will make myself understand before I go to the next point and jot down my own notes.(that was how I studied my history during SPM).
Tiring but, at least I understand.
And.. I will use the same way when it comes to Fundamentals of Management.
I find it quite hard to understand but I will try my best to understand it.

I soooooooo hope I don't do badly in this mid-sem exam because I really don't want to suffer in the final exam.
Wish me all the best guys and good luck to you guys too^^

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