Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lakeside campus ~

7.01 am...Owhhhh~~~ Still early! I am so sleepy!!
That car is blocking everyone and its already green light. Move it people~~~ I need to get to LCS  (oops!! forgot!) Lakeside early to find my classroom. I really don't want to be late for my 'first day in a new place' class!
Finally! I reached there before any jam could happen! Jia leng's car was in front of mine and I join her when she got out of the car. We thought we were the earliest one because the whole campuse was so quiet. But when we walked up the stairs we saw to familar faces (maybe we are not one of the earliest after all). Penny and Cheryl already reached here before us and they have the same fear which is late for class,  lost or caught in a jam outside.
We managed to find our class and guess what.. Mr. Winston is also early. He came in early to check the things out such as the plugs and the classroom. Class started later on and everyone was late ( some of them was lost and some of them was caught in a jam). The classroom was pretty cold at first but when others came in the temperature kept rising. We had 2 of the class that morning ( fundamentals of management and mass communication). All of us need some time to make ourselves get used to all of this
After class, we went and celebrate Ameera's birthday ( a late one because her birthday was on the 24th April 2010). haha..birthday girl already found out about it before we can give her a surprise!( too bad)

                                         Source: facebook(picture by John Liew)

So, Kevin brought the cake to Lakeside because all of us will have to attend class and he is the free one^^. The cheese cake was so hard like ice or stone that even the cake knife(plastic knife) and the butter knife(stainless steel knife) couldn't cut through it. In the end all of us chose to eat without cutting it by using a fork and the outcome was this. The cake become a mess but all of us have a great time eating the cake(the cheese cake was so cold). It was a hot weather and eating this cake was refreshing^^
After the party, we went to the library to do some studying. However, the studying become a chatting hour session. But, there are some of the things I don't feel quite comfortable about when in the library. First, it is very cold~~
Second, the amount of computer in the computer lab is not enough and I have to go over to Block C level 7. And third, the WiFi connection is bad. Even though my friends are using their computer but they find it hard to online because it is very slow.

Overall, my first day was quite okay!! But I need some time to get used to it. As you know, Malaysia's weather here are hot! But the classroom is like an ice burg(sometimes its very cold).When you get out from the classroom and walk to the cafeteria, you will take around 5 minutes to walk there..or more! And you will sweat!! I think I will loose weight because walking is a good exercise! ( Lakeside is so big)

The most unforgettable thing about Monday was in Block E ( I am not sure about other blocks but my class is at Block E ) that everyone is looking at the same lift ( the third one). The first lift was stuck at level LG and not moving, the second one is OUT OF SERVICE??!! Only the third one is available and eventually, we chose to walk. ( It's okay, walking is good for your health anyway and my classroom is at the 4th floor)

Now,the cafeteria aka the food court. I still find it hard to eat there and I rather starve myself. (sorry!!) I was saying like that because the food there is so expensive!! Mix rice is RM 6 while I can eat RM 3 outside. It is out of my budget and the food varieties is not much. I know I know.. We need to be patient right? Because more food varieties will be available when the commercial block is done. So.. I will^^

Oh!! I just found out!! There is a cow farm next to Taylor's!! It was a ' nice view' and I heard, ' nice smell' too(but I didn't smell a thing! funny eh??). 

And Penny.. I saw your blog!!Hahaha..I also know what is your present!!!

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