Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cinderella's Stepsister

I have been watching Korean Movies lately...I mean just one..haha..which is Cinderella's Stepsister
It is a modern story mostly about the girl name En Juh...and her life in the new family and  the 101th father her mother met who is the head of a wine factory, what happened there..and story is involve in it...especially between the 2 sisters..
Every episodes to me, touches your heart..Probably is because of the sound tracks + the meaningful script + the actors and actresses crying
I don't know..But somehow, I find this movie meaningful to me...
It teaches you some moral love among your siblings,etc.
I cried every time I see their father..and the way En Juh finally called her father "ah ba" in the episode after her father passed away due to a heart attack..not to say I am an emotional person..But definitely..It hurts when you see someone like that..
Another part is when the son, named "Jun Xiu" got lost..and when found, told the story that he was playing with his passed away father and what his father told touching...
And the most touching part for me is the last part of the last episode when the 2 sisters hugged each other and cried in front of their father picture..and..their father was there..touching both of their hands..smiling^^
I also like the soundtracks in this series...especially the instrumentals one..One of them is Minor Walts..
here is the link for the video in youtube

If you like meaningful series no matter what language, I recommend you to watch this..It is nice and I will rate 5 stars to it^^

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