Thursday, April 28, 2011


wanting to..

I am so...bored
no...don't know what is that feeling
I'm supposed to be studying
what am I doing right now?

wanting to do so many things
the truth is
i want to study..but can't concentrate..why?

wanting to talk to him about so many things
the truth is
I don't want him to be tired because of me
he is already tired working whole day
every time i asked..
every time he said SORRY
i just thought..
never mind
even it is not the truth...
even it is not what i want
I have to be considerate..
well, i need to be independent...
learn not to depend on him so much...


I know its not ok...for me..well sometimes...
it's time to learn

A quote

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Counting down

So I am counting down the days before the FiNAL EXAM starts...
and how many days are there?
I can't remember..hehehe..

My Final Exam officially starts next Tuesday and ends on Friday with the day of my birthday off..
Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
I guess there will be no candles or cake this year!
At least I won't gain a pound eating those stuffs because I know no one eats it in my house except for me
I could concentrate in my studies because I have a PR paper the next day...haha...VERY NICE!!!

Went to Taylor's today..Study a bit..actually couldn't concentrate...
Went to eat...
After that..
Went to Student Life Centre to check out somethings and saw Tazette Taylor's is giving out their Mags and free stuffs..Garnier Light

I got almost 50 of them...what should I do with those things arh??
Some of my friends said I should use 3 packets  a day..haha..Madness!but funny..haha

So many = =

Here are some updates of last week till today~

Mummy bought me this ice-cream for around RM 2 when we were walking at the Curve on Saturday
Bought this shoes on shoes..hehe..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Bad bad girl I told myself…
Why eat so much??? I asked myself
Nah….I don’t care I thought!
The most important is I feel happy about what I ate..But the guilt in my heart is overpowering me….
Go away…shoo… I said
But without it…I can’t control myself…I thought…
Come back….I said…
Can’t make up your mind eh? Guilt said.
Nah…I am just confused

Confused about what
Confused about what I should do to overcome those urge to eat delicious food
I am kinda KIASU when it comes to FOOD

Guess what I ate today?? I asked Guilt
Frozen yogurt and durians…it said
How do you know?? I asked..
I am you smart ass…it said
Yea..I forgot…sorry…I said

So I ate SNOGURT because I had a 50% coupon I obtained from the website
Its worth it…I bought two flavours (strawberry and melon) for only RM5.25 (after discount)
Worth it right?
I like the melon one..It is sweet..not as sour as the strawberry flavor…Well, I like sweet things! What to do?
So the discount is until Apr 30..but I am not going to Taylors next week. How to eat then?
Then I went back home and slept without eating lunch..
It is not healthy you know.. said GUILT
Yea…I know…I thought..
So I went to sleep but I was awaken by my brother who brought in the durian he and my dad bought…RM 45 for 2…so EXPENSIVE
But good quality though..
Ate 5 biji…The flesh is so thick, milky and bittersweet…oh…my favourite type!
Ate too much!>< but it is my favourite..Can’t help it.

Control yourself! Guilt speak up again
I can’t help myself..hmm

BTW...cut my hair...He said I look like a doll...this means????
I don't know...I take it as a compliment!

Very lame because I am bored...
my study break is starting already.
need to start studying for my FINALS
but I know when I say this..It will take me at least 1 week to start studying..because I am that kind of person..^^heheheh...

GoOd Luck EverYONe!!!

A song to share with you guys...I Like this girl SKYLER grey..She actually wrote the song of LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE...if you do a search on her in may find her version of this song
Here is another song of her singing! <3 this song

Friday, April 15, 2011

16 April 2011

Today…is   my mum’s 52nd birthday.. She is aging.. I know that…Hope she is always healthy and happy in her life! And…I hope that my brother will stop making her angry! Be good ya brother!

Hello people! How is your Saturday going??? I am so so so happy today because I get to sleep early last night and woke up late today!!! WEEEE^^
I have finally passed up all my assignments for this semester! I feel so relaxed and relieved! Now…I can indulge in the movies I wanted to watch!!!
Good luck to my friends who still have 1 more assignment which is due next Tuesday! ALL THE BEST GUYS!!!!

Here is a pic that I took yesterday after I passed up one of my assignment and was waiting for my dad to pick me up….the sky is so calm…Like it!!^^

And I like this picture too...^^

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Busy week

This week is a busy week! Assignments are due everyday!!! Wish everyone all the best
Here are some pictures that I took last week when we were recording the videos for our assignment! ENJOY

Friday, April 8, 2011


The internet connection really annoys me these days.  Can’t believe it! I thought maybe my room is too far from the modem downstairs, but it only became worse when I moved my laptop out to the living room, which is also upstairs. Perhaps there is no difference at all!

Since Rebecca Black came into all of our lives, my Friday just became worse and worse! You can say that I am not a lucky girl at all..I remembered that once after eating BAN MEE at uni before my presentation. Just half an hour before my class starts, I rushed to the toilet..No..I don’t think it’s the BAN MEE..Perhaps it’s the NASI LEMAK and HOT MILO that I ate and drank in the morning. Well, it isn’t the first time!

Another time was 2 weeks ago, I had a fever in the morning that Friday and I was supposed to drive my fellow group mates to Kuala Selangor for our video assignment. Luckily my fever and headache went away after Michelle gave me the ActiveFast Panadol.

Today, bad luck struck again! I went to the toilet for almost 5 times already after coming back from uni. The effects- hands shaking, stomach is already empty, but it still hurts.  I have no more strength but you guys must be wondering why am I still able to sit down here and type my blog. Well, it's just a way for me to forget the pain. At least, for a while. Even just for 1 second or 2..I don't mind. 

Speaking about odd it is for people to create artificial food for public to eat. It is so WRONG. You know what I am talking about right? If you don't, let me tell you: FAKE EGG.
Can't believe they can make an egg out of chemicals. Look at the video. The fakes and the originals really look alike. It is like making a robot that looks exactly the same as the human, TWINS.  But, with great difference which you may find hard to see and differentiate it, which means it can bring NO GOOD, AT ALL.

Now, do you dare to eat those eggs? I mean, the video shows how you can differentiate raw eggs. BUT NOT COOKED EGGS!
How am I supposed to know if the restaurant serves me real eggs instead of fake ones??
The video also states that the chemical used may harm your liver.

Here is the video

KL Lot 10

Kuala Selangor