Friday, April 8, 2011


The internet connection really annoys me these days.  Can’t believe it! I thought maybe my room is too far from the modem downstairs, but it only became worse when I moved my laptop out to the living room, which is also upstairs. Perhaps there is no difference at all!

Since Rebecca Black came into all of our lives, my Friday just became worse and worse! You can say that I am not a lucky girl at all..I remembered that once after eating BAN MEE at uni before my presentation. Just half an hour before my class starts, I rushed to the toilet..No..I don’t think it’s the BAN MEE..Perhaps it’s the NASI LEMAK and HOT MILO that I ate and drank in the morning. Well, it isn’t the first time!

Another time was 2 weeks ago, I had a fever in the morning that Friday and I was supposed to drive my fellow group mates to Kuala Selangor for our video assignment. Luckily my fever and headache went away after Michelle gave me the ActiveFast Panadol.

Today, bad luck struck again! I went to the toilet for almost 5 times already after coming back from uni. The effects- hands shaking, stomach is already empty, but it still hurts.  I have no more strength but you guys must be wondering why am I still able to sit down here and type my blog. Well, it's just a way for me to forget the pain. At least, for a while. Even just for 1 second or 2..I don't mind. 

Speaking about odd it is for people to create artificial food for public to eat. It is so WRONG. You know what I am talking about right? If you don't, let me tell you: FAKE EGG.
Can't believe they can make an egg out of chemicals. Look at the video. The fakes and the originals really look alike. It is like making a robot that looks exactly the same as the human, TWINS.  But, with great difference which you may find hard to see and differentiate it, which means it can bring NO GOOD, AT ALL.

Now, do you dare to eat those eggs? I mean, the video shows how you can differentiate raw eggs. BUT NOT COOKED EGGS!
How am I supposed to know if the restaurant serves me real eggs instead of fake ones??
The video also states that the chemical used may harm your liver.

Here is the video


  1. nice blog.
    I am following ur blog.plz do mthe same.

  2. i got a solution~~
    dun eat outside egg lo~~~

  3. but if the food comes with egg ler? like fried rice how?????somemore worse if they beaten up the egg ad><

  4. Following your blog Will you follow back