Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Bad bad girl I told myself…
Why eat so much??? I asked myself
Nah….I don’t care I thought!
The most important is I feel happy about what I ate..But the guilt in my heart is overpowering me….
Go away…shoo… I said
But without it…I can’t control myself…I thought…
Come back….I said…
Can’t make up your mind eh? Guilt said.
Nah…I am just confused

Confused about what
Confused about what I should do to overcome those urge to eat delicious food
I am kinda KIASU when it comes to FOOD

Guess what I ate today?? I asked Guilt
Frozen yogurt and durians…it said
How do you know?? I asked..
I am you smart ass…it said
Yea..I forgot…sorry…I said

So I ate SNOGURT because I had a 50% coupon I obtained from the website www.dokonee.com
Its worth it…I bought two flavours (strawberry and melon) for only RM5.25 (after discount)
Worth it right?
I like the melon one..It is sweet..not as sour as the strawberry flavor…Well, I like sweet things! What to do?
So the discount is until Apr 30..but I am not going to Taylors next week. How to eat then?
Then I went back home and slept without eating lunch..
It is not healthy you know.. said GUILT
Yea…I know…I thought..
So I went to sleep but I was awaken by my brother who brought in the durian he and my dad bought…RM 45 for 2…so EXPENSIVE
But good quality though..
Ate 5 biji…The flesh is so thick, milky and bittersweet…oh…my favourite type!
Ate too much!>< but it is my favourite..Can’t help it.

Control yourself! Guilt speak up again
I can’t help myself..hmm

BTW...cut my hair...He said I look like a doll...this means????
I don't know...I take it as a compliment!

Very lame because I am bored...
my study break is starting already.
need to start studying for my FINALS
but I know when I say this..It will take me at least 1 week to start studying..because I am that kind of person..^^heheheh...

GoOd Luck EverYONe!!!

A song to share with you guys...I Like this girl SKYLER grey..She actually wrote the song of LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE...if you do a search on her in youtube..you may find her version of this song
Here is another song of her singing! <3 this song

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