Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Counting down

So I am counting down the days before the FiNAL EXAM starts...
and how many days are there?
I can't remember..hehehe..

My Final Exam officially starts next Tuesday and ends on Friday with the day of my birthday off..
Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
I guess there will be no candles or cake this year!
At least I won't gain a pound eating those stuffs because I know no one eats it in my house except for me
I could concentrate in my studies because I have a PR paper the next day...haha...VERY NICE!!!

Went to Taylor's today..Study a bit..actually couldn't concentrate...
Went to eat...
After that..
Went to Student Life Centre to check out somethings and saw Tazette Taylor's is giving out their Mags and free stuffs..Garnier Light

I got almost 50 of them...what should I do with those things arh??
Some of my friends said I should use 3 packets  a day..haha..Madness!but funny..haha

So many = =

Here are some updates of last week till today~

Mummy bought me this ice-cream for around RM 2 when we were walking at the Curve on Saturday
Bought this shoes on shoes..hehe..

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