Friday, April 15, 2011

16 April 2011

Today…is   my mum’s 52nd birthday.. She is aging.. I know that…Hope she is always healthy and happy in her life! And…I hope that my brother will stop making her angry! Be good ya brother!

Hello people! How is your Saturday going??? I am so so so happy today because I get to sleep early last night and woke up late today!!! WEEEE^^
I have finally passed up all my assignments for this semester! I feel so relaxed and relieved! Now…I can indulge in the movies I wanted to watch!!!
Good luck to my friends who still have 1 more assignment which is due next Tuesday! ALL THE BEST GUYS!!!!

Here is a pic that I took yesterday after I passed up one of my assignment and was waiting for my dad to pick me up….the sky is so calm…Like it!!^^

And I like this picture too...^^

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