Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011

Haha..This is my first post for this year and I know it is a bit late for it since today is already the 4th day of the month!
Yesterday, I guess.. Many people especially the secondary school kids and the primary school kids went back to school~ 2 years ago, it was my last year in that school..and the system has changed a lot! I kinda miss that 50 over year old school there, where we have our camps, our event and our class~ so many memories!!!!

What did you guys do during New Year Eve for countdown? I did nothing.but I bet a lot of you went partying right? Me.. I just spent over the night at my friend's house~ and we woke up at 3 something in the morning, went to fetch other friends at 4 something and we headed to Semenyih..
From Klang, it is a one hour drive.

We headed to Broga Hill.

We started climbing at 5.50am (around that) and we manage to reach the top at 6.30am to watch the sunrise!
I didn't expect to see so many people up there that day! What should I say! It is the New Year! haha.. The view up there was spectacular I tell you!! Even though its tiring like hell~but it is worth the trip!!!

Here are some pictures to share with you taken by him and friends during the trip~ I love those pictures!

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