Saturday, January 8, 2011

daily routine coming back soon

I have been lazy updating my blog recently..I just don't have the mood..and I wonder why??

I scrolled down my facebook HOME page 5 minutes ago and I saw a few friends posted this link showing that Facebook is going to close down in March 15 ,2011 because Mark himself couldn't control anymore and he wanted his old life back.

He also said that closing down Facebook is also a good thing so that people will go out and meet new real friends (the old way). I mean, I agree what he says but we have limitations this way. For example, we won't be having friends from other countries and guess what? Our distance will just get further and further.. Yes! We do have emails accounts and sort of but nothing is more convenient than Facebook right?

The link:
That's just my opinion..hmm...

So tomorrow I am back to my old daily routine again. Which means, classes and assignments. It's not a nightmare, NO! Sometimes I just get lazier and lazier...What to do? I am human, not a robot.

The timetable is out too

Monday will be until 10am only
Tuesday no class
Wednesday until 4pm
Thursday until 5pm
and I am still not sure whether the Friday class is until 4pm or 6pm.

and my headache is getting worse...It is fine in the morning and afternoon..It only gets worse in the night..I couldn't sleep at all... I hope it gets better tonight..I am starting my semester tomorrow..Please..let me go??

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