Sunday, January 30, 2011

gloomy Sunday

It has been raining the whole day since this morning..around 11 something..because that was the time that I woke up. todat supposed to be sunny~ because it is SUN-day!!!
Im supposed to wake up early but I couldn't sleep the whole night because the ulser in my mouth is waking me up 3 times.
Yup, from my facebook status..I am fever went down today..which is a good thing but my ulser is still there...DAMN IT....
I can't eat anything because when I bite something, my teeth will touch the ulser and it FRUSTRATING!!!!
Anyway, like most of other students, my holiday started yesterday and it will last a week!!
But its not all that good for me because~~~er.....I and any other people in my course have assignments to do, unless they have finish it!
But I must try my best to finish it by Chinese New Year so I won't feel guilty about it!

that's all for now...
going to enjoy the rain for a while~

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