Saturday, January 15, 2011

What do you think? and Great Day & Season of the Witch movie review

I read a few of my friends' blogs...and most of them are saying that this year doesn't feel a good year to them...actually...I kinda feel the same too! A few days ago before the semester starts...It's fine but just after this week I have already started to feel the stress!! All the assignments are already in our hands now and we have to start working on it!

and few days ago I dreamed many snakes came into my house, large and small!! It is so scary...Oh gosh..but someone said it represents money..hmm..while when I checked it out...I saw bad luck! why??

12 Jan 2011 was his 22nd birthday but unfortunately he couldn't take a leave on that day so he took a leave on Tuesday and we went to watch a movie called the Season of the Witch!

Out of a scale of 1 to 10..I would rate it 5. It is just ok-ok for me! Why? I don't find the point of the movie at all! Of course it is about killing demons but I don't find it interesting at all! The beginning of the story introduces a place where they forbidden the people to practice magic and witches are sentence to death and the priest will cast a ritual.  And then comes Nicholas Cage who acts as Beyman and the other guy ( I forgot the name) who fights in the name of their god and eventually they left because they couldn't take it as they don't kill women and children. Then they came to a town where a lot of people are affected by a plague that is said originated and casted by a witch that is already captured by them and she confessed it! The leader there asks both of them to accompany a priest and their finest knight to a place so that a judgement will be made whether this girl is truly innocent or guilty but at the end they found out that she is possessed by a demon and the all the demon wants was the Solomon book where it contained the rituals that caused them so much pain..
and I think you guys can guess what is the ending! Answer: the demon is killed, girl is saved, but Nicholas Cage/ Beyman and his friend, the priest was killed. I don't get the point actually!

So, that is why I don't think it is interesting at all! (It is just my opinion)

After that movie, we went to Sushi Zamai to eat!! Hehe..Nice~~~~

I love eating sushi!! especially with him!!hehehe...

Yesterday (Friday) I watched Great Day 天天好天...It is a movie shot by Astro in conjunction with the Chinese New Year Festival!
I recommend you guys to watch it! It is a must watch movie for this coming CNY! and you won't regret watching it!
The story goes like this: 2 old men living in a old folks home trying to prove whose kids respect them more! To prove it, they have to take a picture and show to prove it! While many events happened, sad and hilarious, the most important value that is shown in this movie is the care and the loving towards our family and especially the respect to our old people!
Therefore, I think you guys should watch it! and the scenery in that movie is nice too! (It was shot in Perlis.)

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