Friday, August 27, 2010


Finally, I have some time to write my blog..haha..okok...
I really need to make this blog really short.
These few days is kinda rough for everyone because.....everyone is falling sick...for me? I am sick too and having some problems in my love life.
I kinda lost right now....I don't know what is love all about anymore....someone tell me how???

Skip that part for now ~
I feel quite excited at the same time because the commercial block in Taylors finally has some shops opening...
Subway has already opened!!
But..too bad I don't have the chance to eat it yet><
It's packed with people everyday!!!

Wong Kok Restaurant and Starbucks will be next on the line^^

I also heard there will be Baskin Robbins, I love yooo, and others. I also heard A cut Above is opening, I am just curious on what will happen if that shop really opens. The cost of cutting your hair there is so expensive!!!
I wonder how students can afford it.

That's all for now!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Assignments is piling up again...

I dunno why I still can waste my time updating my blog everytime when I have still tonnes of work to be done!!!

Guess what...I am screwed!!!

This coming Wednesday will be my ABRSM piano Grade 5 Practical exam gan jiong la~~~

Then the next Tuesday is my driving test...

The next week will also be my presentation week....

I found a topic already but I haven't start the slides yet...Cham loooo~~~

Wish me all the best ya~

Friday, August 6, 2010

Bad Luck and kids nowadays

Me and my friends are having bad luck recently

Do you have the same problem too???If not, then you are lucky!!

Like what my friend jia leng said, like someone is putting a curse on us!!
Penny's bad luck ( grouping problem) has been solved, me???
after 36 hours since I made a call to DIGI about the line prob at my house!! They have not fixed it yet><

The second problem is my bro took my lappy without my permission to school!!!so RUDE!!!! We said no and he still do it!!!! does his brain got problem or which part of NO that he doesn't understand><

Kids nowadays~ they don't know how to RESPECT the elders!!!!!
I don't know what they fill their brains with...bad games...violence???I dunno!!!
but they certainly ( not all but some ) don't know HOW TO THINK!!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Early in the morning

My new sem has been a new journey..

Meeting new people and lecturers and also new subjects!!

Most of our lectures are combined with other classes such as
Group 1 ( January intake)
Sem 3 and
Sem 4

Its a whole new experience for me ....AGAIN~

The july intake students are in..

So there are more people than usual

I remembered before I had my sem break(during exam week)

You can hardly see a shadow around the campus..just a few people and that's it!

It was so quiet and relaxing!

I don't know whether its a good thing or a bad thing??hmmm.....

This week,
it's only lectures and no tutorial so my classes starts at 8 am but next week...8am everyday~

But there is no diff to me because I reach this campus around 6.50 am!
Thanks to my mum la~haha...

I came through a blog wrote by a taylor student

She updated us about the things going on in our campus..
To my friends in Taylors: you should read it!!

I saw one of her post and I am excited..not too much, but just excited!

She said that once the commercial block is ready, we will have Baskin Robbins, bread story, I love yoo, Wong Kok restaurant, EMO bookstore, Subway...

I was like...wahhhhh...haha

But their things are still expensive and not in my budget still.. My pocket money is only RM 50 for 2 weeks..

How la~~~

so I guess..I will have to start saving money from now then^^

Here is a music video I want to share with you all!

Its We'll be a dream by We the Kings ft Demi Lovato




to someone is everything

to someone is hurting

to someone is happiness

to someone is just part of life

to me is all of it

I know at my age LOVE is not important because at my age

EDUCATION comes first no matter what!!

I think this applies to the others of my age and below

Maybe its what today's society thinks ( parents)

We are more materialistic these days

and they want us to live a better life and therefore they want us concentrate more on studies

Not to say LOVE is all that bad

But if you do it the right way, they won't affect your studies and sometimes, it makes you improve..
Funny eh?
people call it the POWER OF LOVE~~~

My love story ain't that perfect

Sometimes, LOVE makes you cry more than usual,
your mood is influenced by him/ her

No matter what him/ her said
you care!

I remember crying every night because feeling hurt because of him

Thats the effect of being too in love

But LOVE is something you have to control

I know its hard

But sometimes, we can't do things that may destroy you , him and yours and his family reputation in the society

its just not right

I know that we are in a modern society,
but I mean under aged ppl, especially students

Hormones....Cute guys...

Girls are the victims in the end...

Before we do something..
Think of the future..

the effects too...



Sunday, August 1, 2010

hand of mine and yours

A hand can do a lot of things..
and I mean everything

You can help a person to stand up from a fall

You can help your parents to do the house chores

You can help the poor by using it to hand over the things they need

and of course

You can hold the hand of the person you love~

Today me and my friends had a meeting with the volunteers for our 30-hour Famine DIY camp

We had a meeting the whole morning..

and after the meeting

Me and my friends go through a stack of booklets trying to find the booklet numbers for the details form that are not noted

Think of it

Going through the 337 booklets again and again just trying to find a few names


But in the end

Its worth everything

Because when the day comes, the event 

if it comes out successful

You helped many of the poor people already 

I mean not just by finding the names

But participating in this event

No matter how or what

Everything is worth it

The sweat, the tiredness the money the sacrifice

and what we did is

You and Me 

We gave our helping hand!!!