Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 more days and I am doomed!

so..I have 3 more days to study and I have only touched the chapter 3 of Mass Communication ( not all) just until the censorship part which means I still have a lot of things to cover, not to mention other subjects.

I am not sure what to write in this blog, especially when this is my last blog for this assignment.

I am just gonna pour it all out, I guess^^
Normally when exam comes, students will tend to burn the midnight oil and will not sleep till early in the morning, around 2am to 3am. Well, I have some friends who do that. But me, even if I don't study, I still make sure I won't sleep that late because it is not good for you if you sleep late.


Mid-semester exam to me, is quite important. It still carries some percentage in this semester course. If I want to get a good marks for it, I shouldn't under estimate it as even 1% would help us to score, which means every mark is important to us~

My mum used to nag me if I don't do well in my exams. So, if I don't do well in my mid-semester exam, she will start to nag and say: "Why have you not been studying? Do you know how important for you to score? Your dad is a retiree! ............." and the nagging will just continue.

Is not that I don't agree(I do agree).As normal teenagers would say " I hate being nag by my parents". But, it is all for our own good.

So, if you don't want to get nagging from your lovely parents, please don't let them feel disappointed. Same goes to me in my mid-semester exams.

And the most important during exam is..........I think we all know it ( if you are thinking about results, NO you are wrong) it is your health. No one wants to get sick during exam. It is a disaster!!!!!!!!!

I found a blog and it can be useful to all of us, especially me and my friends who are going to sit for exam next week.Press this link here: and you can go and read this blog. It is about cooling or heaty food and it is quite interesting. Other than that, I never knew that ice cube is a heaty food ( can't believe right? Me too.) 

In this person's blog, he classified the food into 3 categories, which is cool food, neutral food and heaty(hot food). I think it is essential for us to know it as it can affect our body even though we always don't bother it. For example, we like to eat fried stuffs because it is appetizing but in the end, we may get a soar throat that may lead to other sickness such as fever, which is bad during exams!!!

Papaya is a type of neutral food


Ginger is a type of heaty ( hot) food


Strawberry is a type of cool food


So guys, please take care of yourself for the next whole week and don't fall sick. Tell your body this: Dear fever, flu or whatever sickness, please don't come and disturb me next week! I am unavailable. If you want to find me, please come after 21 May 2010.
And we will just hope it doesn't come .( Sometime it does work^^)

I wish good luck to all my friends!!All the best^^
Here is a lucky star for all of you guys~>>

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's coming !!!!!!!!

Next week!!
Oh my gosh~~
I have not prepared yet.
I have only just started to revise my fundamental of management.
But the first paper is mass communication, which is next Monday!!
What I should do???
I am getting very nervous but I still don't seemed to be bothered about it.

Maybe my mood into studying is not there yet.
(scratching my head)
I don't know.
I guess everyone will be busy finishing their assignment before they start studying their subjects.
Introduction into Information Technology's assignment is due tomorrow, Thursday and Creative Communication and Portfolio Development, which is what I am doing now is due on Friday.
Luckily, the IT one is done and just left this which this blog will be my second last one.
After that, I can finally put all my mind into the mid-semester exam.

I still have group assignment!!
All this aren't going to end..aren't they??
Everything is going very fast right now..
Exam is next week.
I really can't believe it.
Time really don't wait for you.
It flies.
If only there is a time machine.
I wish there is^^

Mid-semester exam is not all that bad.
Our lecturers gave us quite a lot of tip already and I bet it will help all of us in this class a lot!!
After all, exam is all about testing how much you know about the subject and how much you understand and it is not all about memorizing. I still remember when we were in secondary school, we used to memorize a lot, especially history and even after the SPM, it is still in my head and now, it is slowly fading away because I don't need all those information, it is useless to me ( not all lah..some is still usable).

Well, I actually have not start studying yet. I mean seriously studying ( I was just flipping the pages)
It is because...hmmm..
of course..lazy..= =lll
This was everybody excuse when they don't feel like studying.
I can admit, I am a lazy person but I will make myself studying by telling myself, " If you don't get your butt on that chair and start studying, you are screwed!!!!"
After that, I will just start studying.haha..

But, I have certain ways of studying. Last time, if you on the radio, I can study but now, it will be hard because I will get distract easily and I will start singing madly if my favorite songs are being aired. So now, no songs or any sound, just peace^^
And then , I will make myself understand before I go to the next point and jot down my own notes.(that was how I studied my history during SPM).
Tiring but, at least I understand.
And.. I will use the same way when it comes to Fundamentals of Management.
I find it quite hard to understand but I will try my best to understand it.

I soooooooo hope I don't do badly in this mid-sem exam because I really don't want to suffer in the final exam.
Wish me all the best guys and good luck to you guys too^^

Monday, May 10, 2010

It is good for you even though you HATE it!!!

The sun is shining at you..Damn!!It is hot!!
Sweat is dripping down from your forehead...
(tissue please~~)
Left a few more rounds and I am done.
Come on girl!
Keep it up!!You can do it!!!

That was what I always said to myself when I was asked by my seniors to run 15-20 rounds around a block in my secondary school during a physical session no matter during normal activities or camps. I was not good in sports before I was trained like this to increase my stamina and I could hardly make it. But, I pushed myself because I don't want to be the weakest among the strong ones.

I guess...I am not one of the great Sport fans like the others in class. I don't like football at all!!!!!( offense)
However, I do like some of the other sports such as badminton, basketball, figure skating and.....volleyball!!but still..not football.I wonder why??
Well, one of the reasons I like basketball is..maybe my mother was once a basketball school player but the real reason is my secondary school used to be the organizer for state or district basketball competition and watching them playing (with good skills) is quite fun ( especially when you are cheering for your own school and you will be extremely happy when the school wins!!).

Well, I like figure skating because it is so B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

I think it is so graceful and nice to watch especially when there is two people performing it together.It will be perfect. And when there is a slow and romantic song that is playing when both of them are skating, it felt like a fairy tale. ( okay..that was quite indulging)


Actually, sports is good for you!! It burns fat, it excretes wastes(urea/sweat). Kids nowadays, don't like to exercise. They are lazy, scared of tiredness and they don't want to me 'black'.
I understand. After all those years ( well, 3 years) standing under the hot sun marching every Saturday, I also have the fear of getting more darker. So, if you have those kind of fear, there is one way. If you like jogging and your place is quite safe, do jog before the sun comes out. If not, just go to the gym and jog on that machine. It help a lot by just jogging or running, it is a sport to.

 I have a few friends who really excelled in sports and I have one of them who really made it to the Bukit Jalil sports school but due to injuries in her back, she had to come back to our school. It was sad because she is talented but fate is not always what we wanted. Despite her injury, she did continue to excel in sports, especially in high jump. She always get among the top because her body is flexible ( she used to play gymnastics).

I guess, to really excel in sports, we need to be really strong. Not just physically but mentally also because you need to have a strong mind to overcome challenges, where sometimes it can really bring you down.
Our nation's also have some great stars in sports and I guess most of us know it, Datuk Nicol David of squash, Datuk Lee Chong Wei of badminton and many more. They really sacrifice a lot to be one of the best in the world. It is not easy, I mean nothing is easy, especially when you are doing something really BIG!!!!

There is nothing bad about sports. It is always good for you even though you hate it!! Sadly, it is TRUE~
But please remember that, when you are playing them, you have to be careful. If not, you may get hurt!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Everybody likes it!!

Do you like it?
I am sure you like it. Most of the people do like it.
If you don't like it, then there is something wrong with you.
because...It's kind of everything.
Can you just imagine living a life without that?
It plays a great role in our lives and most people just can't live without it!
Can u guess what am I going to say??
I think you guys know because it's the sports and music week.
So, guess what??
I am going to talk about music...hahaha..(okay..not funny = =lll)

Everyone likes it!!
Well, if you don't agree..Then,
Give me a name of a person who doesn't like music!
Hard right??

When you go to school (secondary and primary) every Monday, we sing songs ( national anthem......) each time we are during assembly time.
When you sit in the car, normally the first thing you do( after turning on the engine, air conditioner, and wearing your sit belt) is turning on the radio to listen to songs which is also music!
When you play any instrument, it's music.
When we dance, we need music too.
When you sing any tune, it's music.
Even the cricket sings! It's definitely music!!

So music has many genres....
We have...
Classical, contemporary, romantic, R&B, blues, rock and roll, country music and many more.

We need music in our lives.
If not, our lives will be a boring one.
Imagine that, no sound...nothing...
our lives sure will become meaningless!

Music is not just all about entertainment.
It's good for your brain too^^
Many parents nowadays are sending their kids to learn music, especially piano. Why???
( I am one of them too)
It can increase your brain power and memory(from my experience) because it requires you to concentrate a lot when you are using to hand to play different things at the same time.
It's a good thing you know, when it comes to studies^^

I am great fan of Jay Chou ( Taiwanese singer, actor, pianist, director, anything lah~).
Actualy I wasn't a great fan of him until I saw his piano skills.
It was....I can't describe it....unbelievable?
I mean, I can't play that fast.
I am not a professional piano player like him but he is talented.
He can take a classical song, and recomposed it to suit the condition he needed.
For example, this one was took from his first directed movie ' Secret' where there is a song, Chopin Waltz (second song) in the piano battle that he mixed a bit with the speed.

Source: Youtube,

And there is another where he and Nan Quan Ma Ma, Yu hao performed a piano duet during the Golden Music Awards.
It was not easy to perform a piano duet especially when you have to work with the orchestra and band. Their hands was so fast and strong and he kinda look like "this is gonna be easy". He will just sit there and relax.
The most favorite part of this performance is when they played the Mario song from the Super Mario game. I always find that song very cute^^

Source: Youtube,

I hope you guys like it^^

Other than that, I must say that I am a great fan of any music that sounds nice.

And this is one of it!
21 guns by Green day , sang also by the cast of American idiots.

Source: Youtube,

It's nice so I guess you guys will like it^^

That's it for today^^
May the music bring us to another beautiful place in our dream~~

Saturday, May 1, 2010

After my first week there.

My first week in Taylor's lakeside ended the day before yesterday(Friday) and overall I am already quite familiar with the place.( It's only the overall and I hope I won't get lost!)
Let me introduce some of the places:

This is the entrance where most of the students walk in.
The left is the Student Central where on the right hand side is the multipurpose hall where they hold major events like the OPEN DAY.
Well, this is the 2nd floor of the building so below it we have the Student administrative office,  and also the Student Life Centre where student can play some games there such as Snooker, Ping pong ball and relax themselves.
And below one more floor is the food court.
Sorry..but I find myself hard to eat there.. The food is a bit too expensive and not that nice la! So sorry but this is my opinion.
This is a picture that I took on Friday morning ( beautiful??) .
It's the lake of  Taylor's and next to eat  it was a few blocks that consists of classrooms, lecture theaters and restaurants such as Tangerine, Truffles, Crispy Popiah, Norwegian Sandwich and many more.

This building is still under construction. If not mistaken, it is where the hostel, hotel , swimming pool, gym and the shops will be and it will be ready by July. I hope the time flies faster so that the shops will open and we have more varieties and we won't have to suffer in the food court right now ( hot air and expensive sorry!!)

This 'Gigantic' building here..Guess what is it??
The first time I came..(before this week or last week)I didn't know this was a library till the seniors who showed me around told me so.
It has 4 floors. I can't believe it!! So big!!
But when you get used to it, it wasn't that big after all.
The computers in the library is definitely not enough and you have to go to Block C level 7 where they have more than 10 labs for you to use when there is no class using it.

Well, the jam going to Taylor's Lakeside College have been worsen since Monday and I have to wake up early , 6am and I have to leave the house before 6.40am . If not, I am really going to be late for class.
Look at the color! Its still dark when I am already on the Kesas Highway to college and there is already many cars on the road.
I am so sleepy still but I have no choice. To avoid all jams and not to be late for class, I must go early!!
( Just hope I won't fall asleep in class!)

Recently, seems like most of us are falling sick because of some reasons such as stress, the weather or eating habit. John has been absent for 2 days because he had diarrhea ( I think he ate something wrong..but Thank goodness he managed to come on Friday!!)
Penny had fever on Friday. This is the first time ever she is absent from class and I hope she will be fine.
The weather is also another culprit these days. It may be very hot in the afternoon and then suddenly in the evening around 4pm to 7pm, heavy rain will pour down from the sky and at night, it will get pretty cold.
No wonder people get sick easily.


Take care guys! Drink more water and get more sleep!!I know that everyone is busy with their assignments (even me)but don't forget to give yourself a break! Other than that, be careful when you eat outside as outside food is not always clean.^^
Good luck and take care everyone! Love you guys! ♥