Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Start...New Chapter...New Beginning...

My first few and new friends I met in Taylor's.
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It is the third week into my first semester in Taylor's University College for Diploma in Mass Communication.Now, I have already met 4 of my lecturers- Ms Ngim, Ms Sureka, Ms Karmini and Mr. Winston.
What I can say is 'Whoa..I need to get this straight! I am no longer in secondary school where I have to wear all the same uniforms everyday and my class start at 8am and each day has only 4 hours of class.'
Well, I still need to get used to all of this college life where you are no longer spoon-fed and you are now treated as an adult. Ya, an adult.I still remembered how I wished I could end my secondary school life as soon as possible so that I can be freed from all those stress from SPM. I managed to get over it and now here I am writing a blog themed "A new beginning' .
It is hard to deny that time passes right through us without us even noticing it. 5 months ago I was siting for my SPM. After a month I was working at GSC, 1 Utama as a ticket seller and now I am in a college studying mass communication.
I didn't feel regret but I still wish that I could go back there and enjoy the secondary year life. But too bad there is no time machine in this world.
One of our classrooms in LCS campus
Well, our class have been quite OK so far. However, the location of the class can be complicated some time because there was once where my friends and I got lost in the maze and we went to the wrong class and there was another time where we couldn't find the classroom and luckily a senior helped us. We also can't wait to move to lakeside campus because there is BEAUTIFUL!!!
I chose mass communication because it is quite similar to music. I stopped my YAMAHA music course so it won't become a burden to my family as I study in Taylor's. It is a new life to me because Saturdays were supposed to be sitting in front of the electone with 6 of my friends in a class where we take turns to play the piano and preparing our coming exams. So, it is a new beginning in my life to live without that part.

Some of my classmates in this course
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Actualy, I feel lucky and I am very happy that I could make quite a lot of friends in only 3 weeks. i was quite worried at first because I am not the kind of person who like to socialize with people especially people who are so mysterious to me.
I was also shocked because I knew that I was not the only person with the mixed parentage in my blood. haha!
Speaking of subjects, I had 5 of them in my first semester. They are Fundamentals of management( where you learn all about management in an organization), Introduction into Information Technology( which is all about computers), Mass communication, College Study Skills( which is similar to English) and of course my favorite one(I think..maybe because no exams. Haha!!), Creative Communication and Portfolio Development.

Well, a new start and a new beginning in a new chapter in my life. Great!!!

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