Wednesday, April 21, 2010

...Holidays and assignments...

Holiday is here!!!
Today is already Wednesday and not one of my assignments is done and my class is reopening on next Monday!!Great!!!
Okay.So, since this is one of them, it is fine as I can express my FEELINGS here.

Dear readers,
My holiday so far...not bad!
Let's start from Monday shall we??
Monday started with a late morning wake. After that, I washed up, eat some 'brunch', went to the room, sit down, turn on my computer and start doing some assignments and some chatting with friends! Well, at the end of the day, I manage to complete some of the tasks I wanted it to be done and I was proud!( I am a lazy person.I do admit!)Also, of all the assignments that are given to date(total:4), the advertisement analysis was the toughest one yet! So, I have to add more effort right? Wish me luck!! Normally after dinner on a Monday night, I will sit in front of the TV set and start to relax and entertain myself. I would like to share with you guys about a show. Its called So You Think You Can Dance.I think most of you (if you have Astro and tuned in to AXN)have heard of it. Even though it is a bit outdated ( AXN is showing season 6, which is last year's one), I still love it a lot. This is because it inspires people to achieve their dreams. Some of them came with nothing, "dark" backgrounds but they still strive hard, did their best to achieve their dreams. This attitude made a lot of people to look up to them, especially the younger generations. Last Monday show was about the finale. However, what I want to show is not about the contestants that made into the finale but the guy who almost made it but he didn't regret. His name is Legacy and he is a b-boy street dancer. During the Las Vegas audition, he nearly didn't make it because he was not used to being choreographed as he is a street dancer. The judges made him dance FOR HIS LIFE. He did it and the judges let him through to the next round and he did all he could and he made it to the top 8.

Kathryn & Legacy * Viennese Waltz - Your Guardian Angel Link here
(Video From Youtube)
I am proud of him because he changed a lot in such a short time. He can made it this far because of his effort and it is not easy for dancers in this show to come this far. If he can do it, so do we. We just need some effort!

Tuesday was the second day I spent my time doing almost the same time again, which is sit down in front of my computer and do my assignments. We even chat about our assignments and we decided to go to the Lakeside campus on Wednesday to do some research.

So, about today, Wednesday. We went to the lakeside campus as planned. Some of us came late but me and Jia Leng went early around 8 something in the morning. Jia Leng reaction was like "OMG!"Haha^^ This is her first time here so I get it. The library is 4 storey high and it has a big lake. Every first comers will definitely say a " WOW!" So everybody eventually arrived and my stomach started to growl very loud until my friends could hear it. So we went to the food court and eat an early lunch. Ameera and Kevin ordered Chicken chop from a restaurant operated by students but they didn't manage to finish it because it's salty. So, guys, improve on it! After that, we went back to the library and did our assignments and we found out that Kevin will no longer continuing his studies here anymore as he has to fly back to Taiwan. All of us were shocked. I mean.. we just made friends and he now has to leave, so bad! But, we are gonna miss him and that is for sure!

~End of Part 1~

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