Friday, April 16, 2010

...Always There...
The sky is gloomy and dark...You can feel the cold, and the windy chill...It is like a part where in a novel, the character begins to feel lonely, scared...even creepy like something was wrong and the person will start to wonder in the streets like a stray cat with no place to go to..but I am just tired...after a long day...
It is almost stars can be seen tonight...even the moon is out of sight...It makes me wonder into the black skies and started to think about the beautiful past...People always said,"Even though you can't go back to the past,but it will be always a memory that will get stuck in your mind forever, no matter you like it or not." Well, unless you get some sickness that makes u lose your memory which is unlikely to happen to most of us in this world.
*4 years ago*
We first met each other when I just started my new beginning in my second year in a secondary school.Thanks to my friends, I entered a 'family' where you have been there for quite some time. You were the senior and I was a junior with a special name and a special family background. We didn't talk to each other that often. that time liked my friend who was sitting next to me in class and she was the first person(other than my primary school friends) that I knew since I was in that school. She was also in that great and warm and colorful 'family'.
She was the talkative one and I was the quiet one. I was still new I don't know anything so the head of the 'family' put me together with the new ones so I can learn the basics.

We didn't know each other until when you first message me in a fine morning where you was supposed to be listening to a teacher in class. I was quite shocked when you sent me that message. It was unexpected. I didn't know you and you hardly know me as your junior.

Every Monday evening during my PE class. You would come and find her. You would also bring some drinks that you bought from a nearby pasar malam. However...things aren't like what we wanted it to be...She rejected your feelings towards her. You felt sad and you told me about it. I tried to console you and we begin to chat all day and all night.

After that, there is me and my problem. You treated me as a friend you could talk to. I treated you the same too. All my feelings for a person I liked....the guy who cheated me...all my problems...I throw it to you...and you listened to me. You were a great listener.

Things kept going on like this for a year and a half. I treated you more than a senior in that 'family', more than a friend... I treated you as my big brother who would come and help me whenever I have problems. You would console me if I cried over my feelings towards him. You were always there for me.

I knew you always cared for me but I didn't how you felt about me until.....

4 days before my government examination during my third year in high school. I was crying everyday because of him. You couldn't stand seeing me crying and suffering everyday. You took a move. You confess your feelings towards me. I was in a shock. I couldn't believe you because of my past where a guy cheated on me and I don't believe in guys anymore. You told me to give you a chance and believe you. I didn't know what to reply you as I was still recovering from a previous relationship. and....I was unsure whether I was ready to accept you.

You didn't forced me but I made my decision. I agreed.

It is because I believe you... You will always be there for me...


I put on my jacket and walked away from the balcony.
The stars is coming out again and the midnight rain just stopped not long ago and I told myself I better get some sleep.
I the midnight rain. It calms me down for some reason.
With a smile in my face, I tuck into my bed and fell asleep. Good night everyone

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