Sunday, January 30, 2011

gloomy Sunday

It has been raining the whole day since this morning..around 11 something..because that was the time that I woke up. todat supposed to be sunny~ because it is SUN-day!!!
Im supposed to wake up early but I couldn't sleep the whole night because the ulser in my mouth is waking me up 3 times.
Yup, from my facebook status..I am fever went down today..which is a good thing but my ulser is still there...DAMN IT....
I can't eat anything because when I bite something, my teeth will touch the ulser and it FRUSTRATING!!!!
Anyway, like most of other students, my holiday started yesterday and it will last a week!!
But its not all that good for me because~~~er.....I and any other people in my course have assignments to do, unless they have finish it!
But I must try my best to finish it by Chinese New Year so I won't feel guilty about it!

that's all for now...
going to enjoy the rain for a while~

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I guess all of you had noticed the weather these days. It goes like this...Sunny hot...cloudy..sunny again...looks like its gonna rain...sunny again! I really hope the sky will rain, even it is just 1 or 2 drops of water! Its so hot here!

Assignments start to pour in again and before I started my 1st assignment, some lecturers are already asking us to do the 2nd assignments! So frustrating!

I don't have much mood to update my blog nowadays because I really don't know what to write sometimes and then I will start to crap again and you guys won't even bothered to read it because it is useless with no information at all!!

Okay!! Today I want to introduce you guys a berry! No..not blackberry phones but just a type of berry that not many know about it! You can grow it in your garden!
Here is some pictures on how it looks like

It taste like cherries and any other berries you find in the supermarket. Guess what, I went to Jusco a few months ago and I saw them selling these berries and 1 box of it which almost equal to the bowl I plucked (above) is approx. RM10.
I went to do some google search and here are some 10 health benefits from this berry.

Cancer Prevention
Mulberries are a good source of resveratrol, a potent phytonutrient also found in grapes that researchers believe can prevent cancer and aid in the fight of existing cancers.
Life Extension
Because of their resveratrol content, mulberries may be a tool in one's life extension arsenal, as resveratrol has shown in several studies to extend the life of mice.
Blood Tonic
In Chinese medicine, mulberries are considered a blood tonic, meaning that they cleanse the blood and increase its production, strengthening the entire system.
Kidney Strengthener
In Chinese medicine, mulberries are believed to strengthen the kidneys.
Liver Cleanser
In Chinese medicine, mulberries are believed to be effective in cleansing the liver.
Better Hearing and Vision
In China, tea made with mulberry paste is believed to strengthen one's hearing and vision.
Constipation Cure
In Turkey, a treatment for constipation is to eat white mulberries on an empty stomach with a glass of water.
Anemia Treatment
Because they are quite high in iron, mulberries are a great food to use in the treatment of anemia.
Cold and Flu Treatment
In Turkey, mulberry molasses is used as a treatment for colds and flu. Their effectiveness in this way may be due to their high vitamin C content.
Premature Gray Hair Remedy
In several countries, mulberries are considered an effective remedy for prematurely gray hair.

and CNY is coming soon!!! I haven't  buy my shoes yet!!!! and I miss going back to my mum's hometown to celebrate together with other relatives. Too bad it was already 7 years ago.

Friday, January 21, 2011





Saturday, January 15, 2011

What do you think? and Great Day & Season of the Witch movie review

I read a few of my friends' blogs...and most of them are saying that this year doesn't feel a good year to them...actually...I kinda feel the same too! A few days ago before the semester starts...It's fine but just after this week I have already started to feel the stress!! All the assignments are already in our hands now and we have to start working on it!

and few days ago I dreamed many snakes came into my house, large and small!! It is so scary...Oh gosh..but someone said it represents money..hmm..while when I checked it out...I saw bad luck! why??

12 Jan 2011 was his 22nd birthday but unfortunately he couldn't take a leave on that day so he took a leave on Tuesday and we went to watch a movie called the Season of the Witch!

Out of a scale of 1 to 10..I would rate it 5. It is just ok-ok for me! Why? I don't find the point of the movie at all! Of course it is about killing demons but I don't find it interesting at all! The beginning of the story introduces a place where they forbidden the people to practice magic and witches are sentence to death and the priest will cast a ritual.  And then comes Nicholas Cage who acts as Beyman and the other guy ( I forgot the name) who fights in the name of their god and eventually they left because they couldn't take it as they don't kill women and children. Then they came to a town where a lot of people are affected by a plague that is said originated and casted by a witch that is already captured by them and she confessed it! The leader there asks both of them to accompany a priest and their finest knight to a place so that a judgement will be made whether this girl is truly innocent or guilty but at the end they found out that she is possessed by a demon and the all the demon wants was the Solomon book where it contained the rituals that caused them so much pain..
and I think you guys can guess what is the ending! Answer: the demon is killed, girl is saved, but Nicholas Cage/ Beyman and his friend, the priest was killed. I don't get the point actually!

So, that is why I don't think it is interesting at all! (It is just my opinion)

After that movie, we went to Sushi Zamai to eat!! Hehe..Nice~~~~

I love eating sushi!! especially with him!!hehehe...

Yesterday (Friday) I watched Great Day 天天好天...It is a movie shot by Astro in conjunction with the Chinese New Year Festival!
I recommend you guys to watch it! It is a must watch movie for this coming CNY! and you won't regret watching it!
The story goes like this: 2 old men living in a old folks home trying to prove whose kids respect them more! To prove it, they have to take a picture and show to prove it! While many events happened, sad and hilarious, the most important value that is shown in this movie is the care and the loving towards our family and especially the respect to our old people!
Therefore, I think you guys should watch it! and the scenery in that movie is nice too! (It was shot in Perlis.)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Guess what? It SUCKS...but I am glad

Ya..It really Sucks for having the assignments in our hands on the first day of our 3rd semester.. and I can imagine all the stress...the late night sleeps...the flu..the pain all coming..

But I am glad.. because I finally won't be mushroom-ing in my own room staring at my laptop.. At least I have things to do...even though it is hard to cope..

just a short I relieve some early stress here..

Note: Please take care of your health..don't fall sick because I have a few friends already with fever and cough..Take care!!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

daily routine coming back soon

I have been lazy updating my blog recently..I just don't have the mood..and I wonder why??

I scrolled down my facebook HOME page 5 minutes ago and I saw a few friends posted this link showing that Facebook is going to close down in March 15 ,2011 because Mark himself couldn't control anymore and he wanted his old life back.

He also said that closing down Facebook is also a good thing so that people will go out and meet new real friends (the old way). I mean, I agree what he says but we have limitations this way. For example, we won't be having friends from other countries and guess what? Our distance will just get further and further.. Yes! We do have emails accounts and sort of but nothing is more convenient than Facebook right?

The link:
That's just my opinion..hmm...

So tomorrow I am back to my old daily routine again. Which means, classes and assignments. It's not a nightmare, NO! Sometimes I just get lazier and lazier...What to do? I am human, not a robot.

The timetable is out too

Monday will be until 10am only
Tuesday no class
Wednesday until 4pm
Thursday until 5pm
and I am still not sure whether the Friday class is until 4pm or 6pm.

and my headache is getting worse...It is fine in the morning and afternoon..It only gets worse in the night..I couldn't sleep at all... I hope it gets better tonight..I am starting my semester tomorrow..Please..let me go??

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011

Haha..This is my first post for this year and I know it is a bit late for it since today is already the 4th day of the month!
Yesterday, I guess.. Many people especially the secondary school kids and the primary school kids went back to school~ 2 years ago, it was my last year in that school..and the system has changed a lot! I kinda miss that 50 over year old school there, where we have our camps, our event and our class~ so many memories!!!!

What did you guys do during New Year Eve for countdown? I did nothing.but I bet a lot of you went partying right? Me.. I just spent over the night at my friend's house~ and we woke up at 3 something in the morning, went to fetch other friends at 4 something and we headed to Semenyih..
From Klang, it is a one hour drive.

We headed to Broga Hill.

We started climbing at 5.50am (around that) and we manage to reach the top at 6.30am to watch the sunrise!
I didn't expect to see so many people up there that day! What should I say! It is the New Year! haha.. The view up there was spectacular I tell you!! Even though its tiring like hell~but it is worth the trip!!!

Here are some pictures to share with you taken by him and friends during the trip~ I love those pictures!