Saturday, May 14, 2011


My almost-3 months holiday started already...and it is already boring!


Great time spending time with you guys! Even though me, Penny and Jess have to cram through the KTM to reach Midvalley and going back home..
Fast and Furious 5 was awesome! If I had the choice of watching it again, I definitely WILL!!!


Took Leng to see Chinese doctor in Klang to massage her leg...and her leg got better...DOCTOR ASK HER NOT TO WALK TOO MUCH AND STAY AT HOME...did she do that?????haha..I don't know~~~~Leng: did u?


Happy. Because went to SUNWAY and got to buy CHATIME!!! I sounded like a kid begging mum to belanja me!!!and I sounded a kid here too as if I never drank BUBBLE TEA before..NAh..I was just excited in trying new desserts!! I guess I have a sweet tooth???haha
Bought 2 Pearl Milk Tea! One for my bro and One for myself!! (I am a good sister ok..even though I hate him most of the kind^^)

k..thats all for now..Don't feel like writing much today!!!^^

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