Thursday, May 26, 2011

awesome 3days

I just came back from a trip with someone yesterday!

The first day was a climb with friends up Broga Hill. It was tiring and difficult (kinda) because the soil was damp and slippery. I almost fall off a few times if not because Gwen and Ah Chee keep holding me to keep my balance!
Previously during New Year, we only managed to climb until the first hill top! This time, we climbed up till the second hill top. and surprisingly, there is another hill top which is higher. But we didn't climb till that high, that one is extremely steep!

Here are some of the photos we took up there!

Okay.After climbing that hill.we went back to Klang to eat Bak Kut Teh!! and we waited for hours because Ah Chee's car needed to be taken to servicing! haha. A nail kena his tayar, break went loose, and his head lights not functioning!
After all the things done, we headed to KL for a change of clothes then we headed down to Port Dickson!
Actually, we went to The Legend Water Chalet Houses because he has work purposes! But it was nice!

We went to eat dinner at Kampung Kuala Lukut. Ate Crab and other seafood. Actually, that meal can feed 4 person but there was only 2 of us there! Ate so much that I almost vomited!!!

So that was DAY 1


Okay, he decided to do the photoshoot on the next day because we reached Port Dickson a bit late the day before. So I put on some make up and a high heel and walk around with him doing the photoshoot. Here are some of the pictures!

  I look a bit fat la..I mean my face very round!!!!

After that we went to Malacca. Checked in into Budget Lodge. It is a homestay place. Quite nice!!
Then we went to eat Satay Celup!
Also, very nice and then I ate too much again!!haha
After that we went to watch POTC 4 and Dataran Pahlawan there!
haha! go to Malacca but go there watch movie!


Woke up a bit late.
I was having blocked nose the whole night and I couldn't sleep despite having the fan on No.2 and the aircond off. Ah Chee said he was sweating hot but I was covered up like I am living in the North Pole. Guess I was falling sick already!

After we checked out, we went to Jonker Street to eat some Nonya food! Ate too much again!!
we ordered
Curry Laksa
Asam Laksa
Some fried stuffs
and Durian Ice Kacang

2 person eating you know!
He was very hungry! haha

Then we headed home to KL after that and I slept like a pig when I reached home!!
Had fun. But during that 3 days, bad luck keep striking us!Don't know why?

1. Car break spoil (Mon)
2. Car almost stop because ran out of fuel while caught in a jam (Mon)
3. Cockroach in the room (Mon)
4. Dropped the laptop (Tues), not your fault dear ^^
5.  Had stomach ache (Tues)
6. No electricity suddenly when I was bathing (Wed)
7. Almost kena Saman (Wed)


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