Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chili's and McDonalds

Went to the Chili's (Empire Shopping Gallery)with my family yesterday night! My mum was right..we should have left earlier! We had to wait half an hour to get in. Well, the girl at the entrance told us we were put under a waiting list and we had to wait for 1 hour. But mum and I decided to wait there and luckily we did so we managed to get a table in half an hour!

So we sat down and ordered our meals.
I ordered something called (can't remember the name)Crispy chicken with honey and spicy sauce..
Not bad actually! It was served with french fries with sweet corn!
My mum ordered another type of crispy chicken too (but they gave the wrong dish, perhaps too busy?)
Dad ordered a Lamb Shoulder while Bro ordered southwest lamb chop? haha..I am bad with these names!

Each of us ordered a type of juice! Those are bottomless beverages, which means you can refill as many times as you want.
and my bro...
drank 6 glasses of Orange juice..=.=

The resit came and the total amount was RM 182.75

Not bad for a meal for 4 person and each with an extra big tummy leaving the restaurant
(I should starve the whole day if I want to eat here next time..haha..jk)

and should I suggest that if any of you guys want to eat there. pls phone ahead!
It's better than waiting there!

About TODAY!
Happy Mother's Day!
Went to Old Klang Road together with mum and met cousin there to buy clothes.
Then we went to eat McDonalds together! So happy !!!!
Because! I get to buy the CocaCola "can" Glass!!!
But too bad I missed out on last week's one!
I am going to start collecting  it all!!!!! Here are some pictures that I took after I came back home!!

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