Monday, May 16, 2011

Ambition as a kid and when i grow up

Long title huh...

Everyone has an ambition when they were a kid, like: I want to be a doctor, a lawyer...etc.
Well, I did think of that, I mean which kid won't think of being a doctor or a lawyer?
Big cash...Can make daddy mummy proud...and everyone else proud too

I did think of that when I was almost going to Primary school and during my school years there.
But before that, I used to take papers out and start drawing girls with WEDDING DRESSES and told myself that I will design and make clothes that are beautiful for the bride..haha..Oh gosh! Kinda naive huh..haha

Well, it is true. When I was a kid, I always wanted to do wedding dresses. It's kinda funny when I think of it right now.. With this..uncreative brain of mine

When I grew older..I had dreams about being a teacher..psychologist...musician...well, practically almost every job most people will think of. But then I decided to study mass communication- broadcasting. Well, the main reason is I love watching movies and I hope I can be part of the production of a movie someday. No specific job in my mind right now because I ain't sure where is all this bringing me to. But 1 thing for sure, I don't mind filming and then editing those videos and enjoying watching it after long hours of cutting and adding effects. It makes me feel great!

I guess that is what I am pursuing right now..and I really don't wanna regret if I made the wrong choice. hmm..I do think this was the correct choice that I made since I chose this course. Not because of anyone..But myself.

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