Sunday, July 25, 2010

My results

My Results is out..
Guess what?
I did quite good...
3As and 2A-
not bad for a 1st Sem-er eh?

I have nothing else to say about it actually
But my holidays has been killing me badly
Really badly!!!!

You know why?
because my laptop's hard disk is spoiled and I can't use it
I have ntg else to do than staring in front of this computer writing my blog and just nothing else...

I have 1 more week before this holidays ends..
But I dunno why I really hope it to end asap
Maybe because of all this boredom...
Let me share some of the pics i took for my friend and myself that I used in my portfolio in my last sem
I know my photo editing is still not that good

I wanna share with you all^^

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