Wednesday, July 28, 2010

nice day today

Even though today's morning is cold and freezing for me (nope! not because of the air-cond, my house doesn't have one), it!
My holidays have been so sleepy..
I have nothing else to do like I said in my previous blogs...
I am alone in my house, my parents are off to work and my brothers has school!
I miss school very much, my secondary school.
It used to be my second home..!
My friends are there..
Teachers are there..
those people are the people closest to you!!
I mean: since you spend most of the time in school than in your home

I guess I have to use my holidays to sleep as much as I can
because as a college student now
you won't know how long you can sleep each day
especially after you know how many assignments you have to get it done
and their due dates are around the same time
ah...thats when you enter HELL

And how was my today?
It's just fine..
I think><"'

Guess what?
my chest pain on the right is getting worse 
and when I went to the sundry shop near my house using a bicycle
My bicycle got stuck half way home and I have to carry and push and pull...
Used all my strength to get it back

Luckily the 2 security guards who work at my housing area was so kind enough they helped me with the chains and all those stuffs
But I can't cycle it..
only can push it
thats my luck for today-lah..haha

I took 2 pictures during the afternoon.
I was bored!!
here it is>>>
I use my phone camera^^

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